Friday, November 30, 2007

Tiny Dancer

Addie is in Ballet,Tap, and tumbleing this year and I love it. She has always been very difficult and i thought she would never behave and do what the teacher wanted. Especially since Dallin had such a hard time at this age when we put him in soccer and he was a perfect child. But it was crazy she went right in and did everything. She loved it from day one and now she comes home and does her dancing with her sister and loves to play music and dance around all day. It has been so nice for me to find something to give her a positive additude.
She has a concert on December 8th. She will be doing a tap dance to frosty the snowman and her costume is suppose to make her look like a snowflake. Its so cute. I think its just as much fun for me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 1st

So on Halloween night we went into the hospital at 4 am. The next day at 3pm our new baby boy was born. We named him Derek Landon Weeks. He was an even 7lbs and 18 inches long. I am still tired from the delivery let alone ready for waking up for all the feedings. But it was real easy when it came to him latching on so that is one less stress right now. I am honestly going to be out of it for a few months.
Wish me luck.


Halloween was fun for the family this year. The weekend before we went to a Monster Bash put on by the city. It had fun jumpers, arts and crafts, tatoos, and the highlight was they went trick or treating from one hot air balloon to the next.
Dallin was Optimus Prime the transformer, Adelaide was a cowgirl riding a horse but if she got tired of the costume then she was just a plain cowgirl, and Olivia was a baby zebra.