Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The egg hunt

Every year my dad makes it a big deal. This year my sisters and brother were not able to come for the Holiday but thats ok cause Dallin and Addie were competative enough! My dad was so into it he kept fudging the number to make them go into another two rounds of overtime. In the end Dallin won but we were all so proud of Addie for hanging in there. It was a good time.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just to give you an idea

This is a video of Derek freaking out over seeing a train just to give you an idea of how much he likes them before you read the next post.


Its official. Old people can SUCK THE LIFE out of anything! Even the most exciting thing to a child can become about as fun as getting an enema every day of the week when you have and old man host. This guy told the longest most boring stories and was so unable to see the kids excitement and just let them look around that I wish I had never gone. Olivia's playgroup has a couple of field trips during the school season and this was one of them. I thought Derek would go bonkers and be in heaven but Old Man Sucks Allot ruined any chance of that. I plan on buying tickets to ride the train during normal hours and make it up to him. At least we got in one round of ring around the rosies while he went to close some doors so it wasn't a whole loss. ... Still the kids were cute and it was fun to get together.

Field Trip

If you have been paying attention you would know Addie and are not as tight as I would like us to be. So when she came home and told me she wanted me to come with her on her field trip I was shocked. Lucky for me my sister Annette was there and heard the same thing. I couldn't miss an opportunity like that. But as soon as I drove up I knew I would hate it. They went to a farm. Right out the gates I saw this little girl in overalls and pig tails. The fact that her mother had to do that set me off on a bad foot. How freaking lame are some moms? Next are the smells. I am not high maintenance and I am not a germaphobe. But I wore a hat and sun glasses hoping to keep the smells from permeating my hair and eye balls or letting tiny little poo particles land on them. The snake room didn't have one single window and it stunk like belly button lint. I was begging Addie to hurry through the snake exhibit. The ostriches were really stinky too. If it gives me a point on the score board for showing up then I could really use one. But it was the longest day of my life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun Sunday

After church we went out for some good ole Salt Lick bar b que and then palyed at the park. On the way home we stopped to get the best shaved ice ever. This young kid opened a snow cone stand on the side of the road to help pay for college. When he first started it was pretty small and no one knew about it. But some how word got out and its the best place to get a snow cone. He goes to the junk yard and cleans up old cars and puts a table in the middle so kids can climb inside and play while they enjoy their snow cones. It makes me excited for the summer to come. We will be there every day (i hope)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Since Addie started kinder and has been gone all day. Plus she has an independent streak and likes things to be done her way without help so I step back and avoid helping her with school work or reading. She is also very smart and analytical. I was goofing off on facebook while noodles were boiling on the stove. After the water fell over the top and made a big mess a couple of times she clapped her hands together and made this face like talking to me was painful and slowly (i think she talks slow to me cause she thinks I am that dumb) suggested I wait till the stove top doesn't have fire going before I play on facebook. Very good point but its intimidating and it makes me avoid her even more. When you factor in the post part um depression and her ability to cry for hours as a baby. I just felt like we have never bonded. When the trip to Kentucky this past December came up I thought instead of going alone I would take her and we could hang out and make up for lost time. I scheduled a photo shoot with my good friend from church in KY and thought it would just be perfect. Well she pretty much listened to Hanna Montana on my I-Pod the entire plane ride and when we got there preferred to hang out with the daughter of one of my sisters nurse friends. They are even pen pals now. I don't know that we grew closer but it was fun taking pics and watching her do her thing without the other kids around to distract me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Hair Cut

All the time we have people come up to us and go crazy over Derek's hair. I don't know what it is about red heads but they draw attention. Its ironic too cause I was just reading a Chelsea Lately book and she was talking about how ugly red heads are. I was laughing soooo hard cause they are ugly! Its very rare to find an attractive one. Alas the stars alligned and I gave birth to one. Knowing how vain I am god is trying to teach me a lesson. Either way my red head is really naughty and has a mean streak in him that would send Freddy Krueger running with his tail tucked between his legs. When these sweet little old ladies come up to say Hi and admire his hair I have to claw his arm to keep him from spitting in their face. The other day in line to buy tickets for the movies a gentleman who was also in line turned to speak with his wife and his cargo pant pocket brushed Derek's ear. With out hesitation Derek turned and swung as hard as he could at the man's groin. Lucky for me we live in Texas and people here like hard asses cause he just laughed it off (plus he was tall and derek missed his package by an inch or two). But Holy Crap that kid is ready to rumble at any given moment. I am sure it doesn't help that he is the youngest and has to be agressive to get his way, but still I am lucky he doesn't have criminal charges on his record at the ripe age of three. I thought it best to figure out a way to warn people and this mowhawk idea was all I could come up with. :/ Old people do stay away from him much more now but now the problem is I have these punk teenager skater dudes that are giving him high fives and telling him he looks cool and that isn't exactly the kind of role models I had in mind. O well at least he is a cute red head. At least I think he is.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birthday Party

I basically avoided doing too much for Olivia the past 4 years and felt bad about it one night and vowed to make her 5th birthday a good one. I hate parties and planning them is like listening to small town folk talk about Me-Maw all day long and never get to a point. Painful! But I was like buck it up Camille you have had 4 years off so you can handle this. Bottom line------ I did NOT handle it but my sisters stepped in and it ended up going really well. Becka did all the decor and party favors and Annette ran around with a smile on her face. I took pictures and watched the clock. Combined effort= Awesome Party YO! She wanted a petting zoo so I called this guy up and got the ball rolling I received very little paper work or communication and was worried it would be ghetto but it worked out just fine. The one guy in the big cage didn't speak a lick of English. That's ok though.. cause he was very upset when the boys were throwing the baby chicks in the air trying to teach them how to fly. I know enough about Spanish to tell you what he was saying is not "kid friendly". The Pony was super cute and each kid got to ride her like 4 times. There was a weight limit so that's why you wont see a pic of me on Cinnamon. After all that work at the gym to have some one say that to me. Yeah it HURTS!... but I don't want to talk about that right now.

petting zoo...

Eating pizza. And drinking punch. A couple of them asked to eat inside cause they were hot. Pssshh what do think this is? You stay here where your mess falls on grass little Mrs. High Maintenance.

Opening presents. Olivia was really good about saying thankyou and being kind to each kid that gave her a present. I am so proud of her!

The last activity was hitting the Pinata. They all got candy. My favortie part was when my little sister Becka was telling them the rules she said once the candy falls if some one gets more than you I don't want any crying...it just means they were faster than you. All the little kids nodded their heads in unison like sheesh this is a balls to the wall kind of game.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round 2

Still Olivia's birthday week so on Monday we went to lunch at the Olive Garden. YUM! Then headed to build a bear. Some how Derek got in on the action but no worries cause Olivias got to make a rabbit and get a few new outfits for her. Then on Tuesday morning we went out for breakfast and she got to make her own smily face pancake with yogurt hair and banana smile. I posted a pic of her at breakfast with aunt Net on face book. You can friend request me or just go look. I will accept friend request from just about any one. I don't know why but I think its rude to not accept friend request. My sisters give me a real hard time for that.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

This is the ultimate Chucky cheese post. We always go for the kids birthdays as the family party. And Annette flew in for Olivia's birthday this week, plus Jed came up and my parents drove in so we all went together. Look we don't go to the Bahamas often but when we do get out of the house we do get super excited and thats happiness in a simple minded sort of way right? I'll be the first to admit my kids go nutts when I let them roll the car windows down and hang their heads out. But I say set the bar low. Then when you finally do go some where nicer its a big deal. A REALLY BIG DEAL!

Monday, April 4, 2011

We got kicked out!

Our team killed the competition on Sat and were the number one seed going into round two on Sunday. Our first game was crazy. It started when Matthew hit a huge home run and Dallin hit a grounder so fast and hard that when it bounced off the ground it hit the first base men in the chest and he got really hurt. One of the moms from the other team came over and said to us that this is a JOKE we clearly have 12 year olds playing on our team. Dallin and a couple of other kids are actually huge for their age and since we didn't have a birth certificate on us we couldn't prove they are really eight. It was crazy! People were pissed! And I was ready to brawl. At one point one of our coaches almost went at it with the coach of another team. It was heated and these poor boys felt like they did somethig wrong. In the end the asked us to go home and parents refused to let us play the final two games fearing for the safety of their kids. To sum it up quickly you have white rich loosers who can't handle good competition. Which is weak cause thats how their kids get better and improve their game. I am going to copy and paste part of the e-mail Dallin's coach sent over. He is a very agressive coach and did an excellent job or recruiting kids for this team.

Coach Chavers
After our 15-3 victory over the Twins as I was leaving the field to talk to our players, the league president approached me and asked to speak to me after I address our players.
So, after speaking with the kids I went and spoke with him and the tournament director.

They had been receiving complaints about the safety of kids due to how hard our kids hit the ball and the level at which our kids play at. I explained to him just what I had told the tournament director when I signed our team up and the tournament director confirmed exactly that. He said he watched our entire game and based on our performance (which he acknowledged as being excellent) he and other board members had made the decision to not let us continue in the tournament. He felt we were National League level talent which is a good thing (Cedar Park, Round Rock and Town &Country all have two divisions, American and National, (D1 and D2 as sometimes referred) where they put their "higher level" players in the National (D1) and the remainder in American (D2) due to mere numbers of players) While at Sam Bass we have all the kids in one pool (7 teams) to select from)

Of course, this was not well received with me at that point and I argued the point. I explained to him that this is unfair to our kids who have been practicing upwards of 3 times a week since we began and are playing some good baseball. He agreed and it was at that point he conferred with the tournament director regarding the awarding of the championship trophies to our team because we were the "best team" there and it was evident. He also offered for us to play in the NL tournament on the weekend of April 30~May 1 and move our entry fee from this tournament to that one.

Although I did not like the idea, it was either get the trophies for the kids and let them know how well they did or get our money back and have nothing for the kids. I chose the trophies and to play again so the kids can show them who the best team is in a few weeks.

I firmly believe we can win the tournament on that weekend and we will have to work hard over the next few weeks to get even better. I did express the concerns I had with the parents of the Twins approaching our parents and the coach's from the other Indian team mouthing off to Tony over at first. He did go out and address those coach's who in turn go beat down by the Mets team (Karma perhaps?) He also stated he would address the parents of the twins. All in all these two individuals were very nice and commended our kids throughout this whole event.

So, make sure you tell the kids they were the Champions this weekend and I am proud for them. I am posting a picture on our website at Sam Bass for all to see of the kids displaying their trophies. PS don't worry about what is posted on the Cedar Park website in relation to how we finished, it is a mute point...WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another tournament

We are going the rounds again. Dallin is in another tournament this weekend and its getting crazy. After they played a regular league game they headed over to Cedar Park and played hard. They are the #1 seed right now and start playing again tomorrow at noon. Its so much fun to watch these kids. I am sso impressed by how much tey have improved just by getting more playing time in these tournaments.

This hit was pretty funny cause I guess his coach told him to go back and my dad almost pooped his pants. He can get really into his grandkids baseball games. I thought he was going to kill some one. (side note probably only funny if you were there and know my dad)

Olivia and soccer

Well Mrs. Olivia has really not liked soccer too much this year but I am glad we put her in it cause she has learned how to hussle and fight for the ball. I am sure we will look back at these video clip and love it.