Friday, February 24, 2012

The first grade Performance

Let me just start by saying I hate the school nurse at Murchison Elementary.

Addie has been practicing on her part in the school performance for months. She has been telling us about it and was beyond excited about it. In the morning she had a big performance in front of all the school kids. And then later that evening for all the parents and administrators. About 22 min before her first show I get a call from the school nurse (aka. drama queen bitch) saying Addie is very ill and I need to come pick her up. I drive over there annoyed and I ask her if she is pretending to be sick just cause she is nervous. The worst part is the school nurse hoovers over my conversation with my child the whole time and interjects her opinions when she sees fit. She assures me Addie was green in the face when she arrived at school. Bottom line- I don't care if she doesn't feel well. I was taught to man up and do what needs to be done. The music teacher was frantically trying to teach a stand in the lines with 10 min to go when Addie had 3 months to learn them. I insisted she go out there and do her thing but the nurse insisted she couldn't. I was persistent and the nurse said the only way she would let her do it is if I stood behind her on stage.(like is the ruler of all nations or something along those lines in level of importance) (smeh!) Lame as lame can be but I did it. I had a valid point to make for Chris Sake. So I saw the back side of her performance. And looked a little crazy up there all random. Either way she did it and was FINE. I came back at lunch time to check on her and she was fine fine fine! The 6 pm performance she did on her own. Damn I could flick that school nurse right between the eyes for being such a twit! If ever you have an overly dramatic child pray for a low key lay ed back school nurse or your life will be a night mare.
Oh by the way. Way to go Addie! You killed it! Life lesson learned I hope??

Did I mention she was fine? As in not on deaths bed or even close to throwing up?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My kids playing together in the back yard makes me happy. The mess... um...not so much. But you have to admit its a pretty cool space ship.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

This year's Valentines day we splurged a little bit. I let the kids buy whatever they wanted for the kids in their school class. It was kinda expensive but so worth it. Dallin bought snakes for the boys and cute puppy dogs for the girls. His class loved them! I was able to go to the school and go back and forth between all of their classes. Derek had his party the day before and handed out glow necklaces and lollipops. They even got to eat at McDonalds. I didn't go to it but Derek said he felt like it was a mini birthday. We had little toys and a cake with chocolate covered strawberries when I got home from work that night.

Dallins class lovin the toys he gave them.

Addie handed out stuffed kittens to the girl and stuffed dogs to the boys.

We were able to find hamster Valentines for Olivia. Which is so perfect for her cause she loves all hamsters. She even looks up videos of hamsters on the ipad when she gets home from school and watches them for hours. (sooo weird!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nasty Teeth

Addie all drugged up

Addie had to have a tooth removed from the bottom left hand side of her mouth. The cavity was too big so they pulled it. Naturally I had them knock her out cold for such an endeavor because she is already dramatic enough with out massive amounts of pain. The best part is when they gave her the stuff to drink she started to get really loopy and it was cracking me up. She would sing random Christmas songs, stand up and try to walk but get dizzy and fall over. It was as much fun as watching a drunk person...but because its my child and I wouldn't want her to drink I got to witness the next best thing.
After she was done they told me to get some food in her before she went home to sleep. So I got her some soft stuff at the store and was trying to help her eat it. Her mouth was numb so she was drooling and there was goober dripping down her chin. I was dry heaving so hard my stomach is still sore. I hated that part. It was so hard to help her cause I could handle the drool. Why doesn't any one tell you what to expect?