Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 Years Old

Dallin turned 7 yesterday. The lucky boy went to Sea World and Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. He got some fun presents. Like night vision goggles. Super cool. I am thinking of 1000 night games I could use those for. He started school today and was happy which is good cause he started the summer dreading making new friends. We kept him in the 1st grade. He barely meets the cut off and I guess I was soo pregnant and potty training I needed him to go in early. But having done a bunch of research I found it way way way way way better for them to be the older one in the class. I mean the difference it makes is astronomical. You can argue with emotions but you cant change the numbers. Of course we think he is smart. In fact we think he is a genius. The problem is all the kids in his class have parents that think the same thing. So I guess that would make him pretty normal. So now we are left with the fact that kids need as much emotional intelligence as they do smarts. And he needs a boost of confidence. The good news is its a different state so he wont watch his peers move up and worry and its all different curriculum so he wont notice the difference. We made a mistake but its going to be all fixed this year. Unless your kid can explain the theory of evolution at age 4 you should probably help them out by keeping them in the grade level with the other super smart kids who really want to feel accepted.
I know he will do well. And it will only show more and more as the years pass.
O yeah and by the way Happy Birthday Big D. We love you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sea World

Yup we went to Sea World this Saturday. It was fun and crazy. There is just no way you can see and do everything. But they are offering a season pass for a single days admission now so we will go back again. This was Dallin's birthday bash since we just moved here and dont have a bunch of kids to invite just yet. It was fun watching their faces and seeing the same excitement I had as a kid. In fact they all told me this morning they changed what they want to be when they grow up. And they all want to be a trainer for Shamu. You would think that is crazy to have all my children in the same profession. But I think not! I BELIEVE!!!!

Feeding the dolphins

I think this part is my favorite. They are really so cool to see up close and touch. I was star struck for sure.

Cape Cod

This is all of us waiting for the sea lion show. Its amazing how a simple sea lion spitting water at the crowd can captivate an audience of children better than any lady at the local library for story time. No matter what get up she is is wearing.
I would pay double the ticket price for 25 min of no one bugging me over an over again.


No worries Derek is the best little man at directing the group to the next spot.
He had such a good time at sea world. But what are the odds that he will remember anything?

Monday, August 10, 2009

this is the cutest church I pass half way through my bike route. I always always wanted to go to a cute church like this as a kid. It even has a little grave yard in the back. The fact that I was mormon never really occured to me. I just kept dreaming of little wedding pictures out front. And my babies being blessed in their little white gown. O well. I still say its cute.

this is the lake just a short 3 miles up the road. I love water. It has such a calming effect for me. One day I might swim in it. But I have this fear of fish swimming past and touching me. So for now I just blow it a kiss and ride past. Seriously though. I would pass out and then drown. Slimy stinky fish. No thanks.

This house is something I pass as well on my bike route. I get the creepiest feeling about 1/4 a mile before I get to it. I am dead serious. If you havnt spoken to me or heard from me in a few days. Please! Tell the police I am probably in this house being held captive. This is the kind of house that you would see in Texas chainsaw massacre. There is always people inside yelling. My best guess is its not cause they are having fun playing wii. And there is a horrible smell. My best guess is the that its not cause they were in Cancun on vacation and missed the garbage man this week.

this building is on the property as well. I would imagine its where they have the surgical room that has the chain saw and metal hooks they need to cut your arms and legs off. The reason I still consider my route wonderful is because this creepy place has made me go so much faster. I usually have my gears to the max and pedal like the devil is chasing me. Calorie burn through the roof!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lost my camera

I lost my camera. I had it outside taking pictures of the kids and I cant find it to save my life. I know Andrew will be pissed cause I lost my wallet earlier this week. I think I have a backup camera in the closet. But for now I will have to use old random pictures till I can figure this whole thing out.