Monday, August 10, 2009

This house is something I pass as well on my bike route. I get the creepiest feeling about 1/4 a mile before I get to it. I am dead serious. If you havnt spoken to me or heard from me in a few days. Please! Tell the police I am probably in this house being held captive. This is the kind of house that you would see in Texas chainsaw massacre. There is always people inside yelling. My best guess is its not cause they are having fun playing wii. And there is a horrible smell. My best guess is the that its not cause they were in Cancun on vacation and missed the garbage man this week.


Rachel said...

What the hell? People actually live there. I clicked on the picture and it doesn't look inhabitable. Plus what are two Mercedes doing in front of that dump? I'd peddle my butt off too just to get past there. Me no likey.

Camille Weeks said...

I think the mercedes are there cause some people stopped for directions.