Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is Santa real or not?

This Christmas we had a real scare. Derek told me in the car while the other kids were at school that Olivia told him santa wasnt real and then showed him the toys in the garden shed that they had written that they wanted in their letters to Santa. I was freaking out. I couldnt put those toys out now and say they were from Santa. After school I picked the kids up and proceeded to lecture them about snooping around. I told them the toys were from me and their dad and they had to go back because they were nosey. Olivia slams her arms down and says "I knew you would get mad! We can't tell you anything". Dallin said "we are kids mom..of course we are going to play hide and seek in the garden shed." To which I reply " but the toys were in colored bags and on the highest shelf. Meaning you had to get them down and pull them out of the bags to see them." Dead silent all the way home. I was devastated and angry. I had to somehow redeem Santa for my little sweet Derek. He kept saying "I dont care what Livvy says I still believe" So Andrew and I came up with a plan to help Santa win this one and be the big dog again. We went to the pet store and bought a kitten. We placed her in a cute carrier on the front porch with a note from Santa. It said: Weeks Kids, I found Ashley hungry, sad and alone in the alley the other night. The elves are busy making toys. Mrs. Claus has come down with a cold, and I am double checking my naughty and nice list. We are all just too busy to take care of her right now. I have seen how well you guys take care of your other pets and I just knew she would be loved at your house. Please take extra special care of her. If you do a good job when I come back for Christmas to bring your toys I just might let you keep her. Love Santa BuhYA! We are back in business. They were freaking out. And any time the cat was gettin into trouble or needed her litter box cleaned we would remind them that Santa might take her back (now that Christmas is over Im bummed we cant use that threat any more). This morning he left her a stocking to show she was part of the family with treats inside and a birth certificate the kids had to each sign.

Individual Shots

I had to throw in these cause I am so proud of the detail my mom put into our outfits. Christmas 2012 Nativity Andrew and Dallin built the manger.

Annual Christmas Eve Nativity

Lord knows I didnt give birth to the Von Trapp kids. My kids are the worst when it comes to smiling and prefroming. They suck elephant balls. It was hell trying to get them to smile and participate. I mean were trying to remember baby Jesus you ungreatful little...!! It was rough. But its a memory and so we carried on and kept taking pictures. I do truly hope one day they appreciate the story though.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Annual Cruise trip

After last year we decided this whole cruise thing has to be done every single year that we are still living. We planned and payed and went again this year, the week before Christmas. This year my little sister joined us and it was so much fun to have more time with my little niece. Her husband is a blast! It really was the best of times. Too much fun to describe. I loved the food so much I gained wieght. Nest year we plan on leaving from Galvaston.

The downtown trip from hell.

We always say we need to go downtown and take part in the fun stuff Austin has to offer more often. Now that the boys are not in sports we spend our weekends kind of just sitting at home and vegging. I looked into it and decided we should go downtown to the tree lighting ceremony and (wait for it) ride the train. I figured the kids would love riding on a train (they truly did) and it would help us avoid fighting traffic and paying for parking. According to what I read online the train would stop right in the middle of the festivities. So when Andrew told us that we needed to get off at the next stop I was leery. Plus NO ONE ELSE was getting off and as we walked past they were all giving us faces. It turns out we got off the train 3 miles from where we needed to be in the Ghetto. Hard core people selling crack on their doorsteps kind of ghetto. The kids had not had dinner and were already grumpy. Andrew kept lying to me about how much further we had to walk. Cause he knows I would get naked for a gang of thugs in return for them stabbing him with a knife I was so mad. By the time we got to the tree lighting ceremony all the childrens activities were closed down and we could hardly see the tree. We quickly fed the kids then I bought them some treats at Starbucks and tried to make the best of it. It was an awful night! Fast forward two weeks later. I didnt pack my birth certificate to get on the cruise. I figured two forms of ID meant my social and drivers license would be enough. I had to sit out and wait for my mom to fax it over but I let the kids get on the cruise ship with their aunt and start the party. Andrew stayed back and decided to belittle me about my mistake. Hum? Who;s mistake do you think was worse? I will let the public vote on this one (as if there is even a contest) Rant over ....
The kids were happy on the train (they had no idea the amount of walking that was about to be required)
Eating their treats. Mama knows how to make eveything better
see how small the tree was ? Thats a 40 foot tree in real life. But a small glimmer of a triangle in the sore eyes of my babies.

Piano Recital

Addie had her annual piano recital. She did really really well. She is more resistant to practicing now. In fact she is a diva about pretty much everything these days. She was nominated again for the gifted and talented prgram. This year I finally agreed to let her in it. School work is easy for her. She is beyond smart, in fact i think she has already surpassed her mom and dad in this area. But like I said she has a sensitive difficult personality. I am hopeful that she enjoys being in the program without too much drama about the extra home work. One thing is for sure. She is amazing. She will do great things and it is humbling that I have to parent her. I am almost 100% sure im getting it all wrong. But I never give up. I'm gonna keep trying. Wish me luck!

Bike ride then a swim

New house. New adevntures. Just a little bike ride down the road and you hit this adorable creek. It gets deeper in some areas and in others you only need to roll up your pant legs a little. It has become the kids favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon now that football is over. The other day they made their own little boats form scrap wood in the garage and raced them down the stream.


It was a mess. We did pretty good on the food. But I was late getting the Turkey in the oven and there was family drama. We tried to play turkey bowl but most of the kids left us to play elsewhere. Dallin was waaay into it. Ready to smash his skull in any time they didn't get a touch down. Olivia on the brightside was a champ. Im imprsssed with her natural athleticism. Sigh... that is all for this post.