Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grandma's latest project

Grandma sewed the girls a dress and they have these patterns now where you can make their doll a matching dress. The girls loved the idea and I am happy for them. They get to do fun things like this with my mom cause I have no interest in sewing. But the girls love sewing projects. Thank you Grandma!!!!

First time getting in trouble at school

Picked the kids up form school and Derek got in the car with the saddest face I have ever seen. When I asked what was wrong he just hung his head and cried on his sisters shoulder. Poor guy got in trouble for the first time. The ironic part is this sensitive little guy was in trouble cause he punched some one in the face. Sooo... he must not have been tender hearted when said kid pissed him off. It just makes me laugh cause it NEVER and I truly mean EVER upset me to get in trouble and I was in trouble ever half hour. I guess they were fighting over a game at recess and the kid was saying really really mean things so Derek stood up for himself (note my proud tone there). He felt bitterly betrayed cause his close friend went up and told the teacher on him when they got back inside. I told him the kid that told is not a real friend. ha ha ha. You can see how much I have grown up since my rebel days.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Worst idea EVER!

Got really bored with the kids in school. I am looking into a second job but it has to be just right for my life so I can still be a mom. In the meantime I have been pretty bored. I found a piece of furniture on craigslist and thought refinishing it would be the perfect project. NOT!! I have painted furniture before but this was a whole new ballgame because I had to scrape off three layers of paint in order to paint it this time. I tried stripper but that made everything sticky and goopy so after that failed I decided to just scratch the paint off with a metal spatula. The tiny grooves and corners took sooo much time and it was hot in the garage so it was just awful. I hate the piece so much I was thinking about paying some one to come get it. But I knew Andrew would be pissed that I spent so much money on it and I had to follow through. I finally finished it and am happy with the result but I will never ever ever do a project like that again. I have no patience. I thought I had very little but this project exposed my complete lack of patience. Hopefully soon I can find a second job. Until then I will just keep going to lunch with my friends. Which is more about spending money than making it :/

Addie turns 9

Basic birthday. As they get older we stop throwing big parties and just keep it easy. Cupcakes for her class. Pizza dinner and presents. Her favorite present was from her aunt. She spent a couple of weeks with Annette this summer. And she got to do and buy everything she wanted. It was a nice fun summer for her cause I am usually burned out and don't pull off very many fun activities. Any way she got a Lego set that is a horse farm. Complete with many lego horses a stable and a cute farm house. She couldn't wait to build it and she keeps it all set up in her room. She gets snippy if any one tries to touch it and she goes in and plays with it every day. My guess is its just as much about her love for horses as it is her love for her aunt. She is still doing amazingly well in school. I never help her with her homework or piano and yet she is above average in everything she does. The other day Andrew was out of town and she woke me up to tell me she had made the lunches for every one and put her little brothers shoes on. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Honestly not sure what to do with a daughter like her. Just keep loving her I guess? Happy 9th Birthday Addie!