Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia's turn to Dance

Olivia asks every day when we pick Addie up from preschool if she can go to school too. Some days when I pull up at Addie's teachers house Olivia will get out of the car along with Addie and try to run in. Its tough being young and wanting to be big. So we decided it was time for her to have something all to herself so she can feel special. We could have put her in the same class as Addie (that would help me a ton) but we added another day onto our schedule of running around so she could go on her own with her little friend Noel. I have no expectations which is good cause she was crazy silly the first day. I just hope she has fun. Its odd cause she has always been willing to hang out in Addie's shadow, but when Aunt Net went to buy her her own dance clothes she had a different taste then Addie. Addie is more vintage classical Audry Hepburn and Olivia was more Punky Brewster. I love how she still has a little pot belly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday's Hike

My mom left these sunglasses that she bought at the Dollar Tree (most people in Texas like the dollar store) last time she came. I normally would put them aside till she visited again but I couldn't help but notice that I look like Lauren Conrad from MTV's the Hills. So I had to pimp it out LA style on our early morning hike.
It was Andrews idea. It was also his idea to bring the two smaller children. And it was his idea to bring Dash (the overly hyper dog). Right out the gates Olivia started breaking down and whining she couldn't walk any more. Addie would scream and pout each time she tripped on a rock. She tripped on one every 5-10 seconds. Dallin decided he would go a mile ahead of us all because he "needed some space". I had to carry Derek because he can walk but not near fast enough. And Dash was crazy running around sniffing things getting his leash tangled in cactus and wrapping it around the kids legs. Olivia completely gave up on the way down and Andrew had to carry her. I stopped to wait for him, then we decided I should run up the second mountain and get the car and bring it around to the closer parking lot while he waited and watched the kids play. I ran and ran only to find that the road to the second parking lot was closed so I drove back, parked, and ran over the mountain again back to him to find he had left with the kids. So I turned around and ran back over the mountain (not a Utah mountain by any means) to the car and up the blocked off road to find him with four screaming kids and dog walking towards me. He figured I had some trouble and he needed to start moving. In the end we load the kids into the car and assured them that if any one made a peep they would be left on the side of the road. We do feel like we are enriching them with a wide array of life experiences. Either way I looked damn good in those glasses!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dust Devils

Dallin had his first game with the dust devils yesterday. It was awsome he did very well by most peoples standard but he needs some help by my dad's standard. He is really good and has a ton of potential. The kids he is standing next to are two grade levels higher than him to give you an idea of how tall he is. I am not going to lie thats pretty much the only reason I married Andrew. I needed his genes for height. You see in Texas we say screw love. We breed athletes. I am just doing my job!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Bowl #2

We went back to snow bowl on New Years day and it was a blast. This time Olivia was all about the sledding. She was so happy and eventually wanted to go down the smaller hills by herself.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Paris Hilton was upset and moody. Things were bothering her and she was disgusted with the outhouse she had to go pee in. She spent the whole day frowning and laying in torment (if she only knew what kind of wrinkles frowning would add to her princess face she would definitely stop) (thats probably why I dont tell her- in the end I will win)
She was so cute going down all by herself. I am so proud of her. I will miss her at this age. Its been so much fun.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve we stay in and avoid the crowds. We started family game night last year and this year we did it again. We have our family favorites. Wack a Mole is sooo much fun. Bowling. Elefun. And Mr Bucket are a few. Then we had root beer floats and pizza and a movie. Its the most you can do with four kids really. We had a bottle of bubbling cidar but we went to bed way too early for that. At least this year my resolution doesnt involve starving myself.

Not every one has fun at our family functions. This time Derek was the little brother who was pulling down the game or stealing game cards or gathering the wrong color. He spent most of the night mad that he had been kicked out of the game.