Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday's Hike

My mom left these sunglasses that she bought at the Dollar Tree (most people in Texas like the dollar store) last time she came. I normally would put them aside till she visited again but I couldn't help but notice that I look like Lauren Conrad from MTV's the Hills. So I had to pimp it out LA style on our early morning hike.
It was Andrews idea. It was also his idea to bring the two smaller children. And it was his idea to bring Dash (the overly hyper dog). Right out the gates Olivia started breaking down and whining she couldn't walk any more. Addie would scream and pout each time she tripped on a rock. She tripped on one every 5-10 seconds. Dallin decided he would go a mile ahead of us all because he "needed some space". I had to carry Derek because he can walk but not near fast enough. And Dash was crazy running around sniffing things getting his leash tangled in cactus and wrapping it around the kids legs. Olivia completely gave up on the way down and Andrew had to carry her. I stopped to wait for him, then we decided I should run up the second mountain and get the car and bring it around to the closer parking lot while he waited and watched the kids play. I ran and ran only to find that the road to the second parking lot was closed so I drove back, parked, and ran over the mountain again back to him to find he had left with the kids. So I turned around and ran back over the mountain (not a Utah mountain by any means) to the car and up the blocked off road to find him with four screaming kids and dog walking towards me. He figured I had some trouble and he needed to start moving. In the end we load the kids into the car and assured them that if any one made a peep they would be left on the side of the road. We do feel like we are enriching them with a wide array of life experiences. Either way I looked damn good in those glasses!

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