Saturday, November 8, 2014

Addie's loves Horses

Her obsession with horses never really went away. She is old enough now that it was time to see her dreams come true. Well half of her dreams (we don't actually have a horse in our back yard) but she gets to ride horses every week. We found a ranch that will teach her how to care for and ride horses. I thought our little princess would scoff at the thought of cleaning and grooming horses but she actually loved it. She is learning how to tell the horse what she wants it to do without saying anything. Naturally she took to the horse and it took to her and she was so beautiful up there riding it I shed a few tears of happiness for her (under sunglasses. I cant let people see my softer side). She is looking into horse camps for the summer. I think once a week isn't enough she wants to see a horse every day. But it will have to do for now. And its better than nothing. We are so lucky to have such a unique child come to our family.

Derek's Birthday

The day after Halloween. Poor guy, no matter how hard I try his birthday always seems to be shadowed by Halloween. Especially this year after the big party for Dallin. We went rock climbing and once Derek got about half way up the rock climbing wall and started to cry, we realized he is afraid of heights. Not the best birthday party idea for that fear. But it ended up being super positive because we kept pushing him to get to the top. He went up several times and asked to go back down when the fear became too much. He finally over came his fear and reached the top earning himself a Lego set. He was so proud of himself!! We were all so proud of him too. The next day we made a rainbow birthday cake and Dallin made his name with Legos as a cake topper. Derek fixed the K and then blew out the candle. He is still the sweetest little boy. Not sure if he will grow out of it but every one loves him. And every one comments on his red hair. Dallin admits to picking up on girls that think his little bro is cute. Its so funny.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Part 2

Dallin is getting older and wanted to throw a party with his friends this year. We agreed and some how Addie had to add her friends into the mix. They went trick or treating and my mom came up to hand out candy at the front door. We played really fun games. The kids loved murder in the dark (except one) and begged to play again over and over. I have to admit I can rock a party if I put a little planning into it. You should ask my sister Annette about the parties I don't plan out very well.. Any ways It was truly a fun time. I have video of the jello rat eating contest up on our youtube account I will post a link at the bottom. In the rush I didn't get a pic of Derek in his costume. The little Devil ran off with his friends too quickly. Olivia went to her friend Ashley's house for most of the night. We missed our kids but its better that they have fun with their friends than we insist they stay with us.

Halloween Part 1

The month starts off with Halloween packages from Aunt Net. Full of candy,Halloween t-shirts,flash lights, pumpkin carving kits, glow sticks, and crafts. They love getting the package so much that I usually hold them on top of the fridge and give them a list of chores that must be done before they can open them. My sister would gut me if she knew this, but I have to utilize these golden opportunities when I can. We went the school Halloween carnival for the first time this year. Andrew tried homemade tamales and feels like he has now had the full Mexican experience. We won TWO cakes in the cake walk...Go big or go home right? And we bid on the class baskets but thankfully lost (I did not bring cash but I wanted our kids to think we are high rollers). A week before Halloween we carved pumpkins and the kids did really well. Derek's pumpkin is too cute. It looks just like him. He sat there never made a peep and carved it alone with out any help. I love how cool all the pumpkins turned out.

Lego Love

I hate hate hate hate hate HAAAAATTTTEE!! Legos. Seriously, they are all over my house they are never organized. One year we bought those rubbermade drawers and sorted all 52 Billion legos by color. One week later all the hours spent sorting were thrown down the drain. I hate Legos SO SO much!! When you buy the $100 lego set complete with instructions your kid builds it ONCE and then NEVER builds it again. So that means an additional 200 more Legos for you to step on on your way to the bathroom, half asleep, in the middle of the night. Its the worst! I scream and yell and throw fits to get the boys to pick them up. Worst thing that could happen is a few years ago they started making them for girls! God is trying to tell me he does not like me more and Karma is over in the corner laughing like "I gotcha back bitch". Cause all my kids love Legos. One day.... a cute adorable Red headed little boy with the sweetest of hearts and the big front teeth, came up to his mom and said "I made this for you cause I love you most in the whole world" and then he handed me a Lego heart he made. How could I possibly hate Legos after that? I will keep this heart forever! I love legos. The end!