Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Part 1

The month starts off with Halloween packages from Aunt Net. Full of candy,Halloween t-shirts,flash lights, pumpkin carving kits, glow sticks, and crafts. They love getting the package so much that I usually hold them on top of the fridge and give them a list of chores that must be done before they can open them. My sister would gut me if she knew this, but I have to utilize these golden opportunities when I can. We went the school Halloween carnival for the first time this year. Andrew tried homemade tamales and feels like he has now had the full Mexican experience. We won TWO cakes in the cake walk...Go big or go home right? And we bid on the class baskets but thankfully lost (I did not bring cash but I wanted our kids to think we are high rollers). A week before Halloween we carved pumpkins and the kids did really well. Derek's pumpkin is too cute. It looks just like him. He sat there never made a peep and carved it alone with out any help. I love how cool all the pumpkins turned out.

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