Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disney Land

We decided last minute to go to DisneyLand after Addie's birthday party. The drive was fine. We had portable dvd players. When we got there the kids were so excited and happy just to be in the hotel right then I knew it was worth it. Its very hard to take four kids. Two of which are too young to do very much. But we had aunt Net with us and she shined up any thing that might have caused us an ugly moment. Its not as magical for the parents. I remember going as a kid and it was very different. Especially as your paying a million dollars for a couple of hot dogs. Either way I think we needed a vacation and I know we made good memories. Andrew took most of the pictures. I hate taking pictures. I feel like it better to be in the moment making a memory then always posing. Then the memory is about posing all day for pictures. He comes from a family that does this sort of thing. So here are few of what he made us take.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adelaide Sarah Weeks

Its Addies birthday so I thought I would give a shout out to her. She was not my cutest baby. But she grew out of that phase. I never bonded with her. She was very difficult from the start. She still is the hardest for me to deal with. Her dad melts her heart. She has a huge crush on her uncle Jed. And aunt Net can usually coax sanity back into her when she is freaking out. But for me she has been the hardest. She is very pretty. Gorgeous.! Every one comments about that. And so smart it would knock your socks off. I am not biased because as I said before I dont get along with her so well. That means she has earned these compliments.

Addie's Birthday Party

My adorable princess turned 4 on the 19th. The last couple of years she had very small lame parties so we decided to go all out this year. I found this place called girly girlz and they do the whole party invitations and for a minimal fee (I am getting paid to advertise for them so just bear with me) They do the games, a craft where they make magic wands, they provide the pizza and cupcakes at the tea party and keep the mess there plus they deal with the most annoying age group ever for me. It was awsome! It was a great day. They have these dolled up teenage beauty queens who talk in high pitched squeaky happy voices that run the whole thing. I know Addie and her friends had a great time.

Hair and Makeup.

The best part is that they get princess hair up dos and makeup and their fingernails painted. Each girl got sparkles in their hair and the birthday girl got a tiara.


They played a couple of princess games. One was like charades and they were acting out different princesses. This is Addie being sleeping beauty. They also played find the treasure and instead of simon says it was princess says.


Each girl got to sit next to her and give her the present they brought. At the very end they did a fashion walk down the run way in the store and took home a flower lollipop, make up bag, nail polish and the craft they made.
I hope she had fun it was a really cute day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Head Case

There are so many things I hate about parenting. Lord knows I didn't want this many kids. I find myself thinking due to that fact he might spare me by keeping my kids normal and mainstream. But no way. I got the head case little girl who cant feel her lip so decides to eat it out of shear curiosity for what it would feel like to gnaw on her own skin. Um... no thanks. She had a cavity filled and they numbed her mouth. I know they say watch them cause they have no feeling but my child takes it to the bipolar schizophrenia level and self mutilates. I of course couldnt handle it. There was blood dripping down her mouth and she would not stop chewing on her lip. (i cleaned up most of it for my "g" rated viewers) I tried everything, even druging her to go to sleep till the lip had feeling back in it. I ended up crying, pushing her forehead against mine and begging her to stop like a desperate crazy lady (I can get really dramatic in times where logic and restraint would help the most) Any way... Now its going to take FOREVER to heal (of course) and she will be screaming during all meal times until it does. I can see why soccer moms are the number one abusers of pain killers. When did I sign up for this? Wait I remember now. But I swear the sex wasnt that good. (at least not that night any way)