Saturday, December 24, 2011

Homespun Nativity

This year I thought the kids could learn more from being a part of the story. So my mom quickly put together some cute costumes and we worked with what we had. It turned out to be fun and informative. Next year we will make better clothes. Andrew and I were Wisemen but we looked like a couple of wise asses so I didn't add a pic of us to this otherwise sweet scene.

Addie as Mary Dallin is Joseph. Baby doll is Jesus

Grandpa Bassett read the from the Bible the full story.

The not so angelic Angel Olivia

Cutest Shepard boy ever!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Christmas Cards-Nuff said

Ward Christmas Party Santa

I know they believe in Santa but ever since my dad dressed up and was the Santa for the ward party that one year, I think they know the one at the mall and Costco and ward parties etc are not legit.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Company Christmas Party

The reason this is blog worthy is I have NEVER had an UpDo before. I didn't go to prom. Too busy getting knocked up! Its funny and true and the same time. And I had a really really cheap wedding. Almost as bad as eloping. The past Christmas parties I had either just had a baby or was preggers so I wore my hair down hoping it would take the focus off of my fat rolls. Any who it was so painful. My head hurt! And taking the bobby pins out was like pulling needles out of an open wound. I know I am soo dramatic but beauty hurts. Don't even get me started on how painful I think high heels are.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We went on a Disney Cruise

My sister planned it out and we had a BLAST!! Literally not exaggerating at all. I loved every second of it. I can hardly wait to book another one. I broke it up into different sub topics so I could fit all the fun in. And even then there are hundreds of pictures I didn't include. I am so happy she did this for me and the kids. Its something we will always remember and cherish. Good times.. no drama JUST MAD FUN!!

The Vessel!!

Stuff for kids to do

Swimming. Two different pools with a huge tv screen to watch Disney movies while you swim

Water slides for little kids and big kids. And a toddler Nemo splash area.


Every night they had these elaborate shows that were like full on broad way productions. We made sure to get good seats to each one.

In the ballroom at different time slots the kids can go and meet the different Disney Characters. Princesses, Mickey and Miney, Santa you name it.

Miniature golf on the upper deck. Also basketball hoops and shuffle board.

Last but DEF not least is the kids club. You can check them at any time and odds are they will be babysat by tinker bell or goofy and they have non stop fun activities all day long. It was hard to get them to want to leave.

Cast Away Cay

Day three we spent the day at Cast Away Cay. Its a private Island that is owned by Disney. Gorgeous crystal blue water. Fish swimming around your feet. Such a fun relaxing day.


The second day we docked at Nassau/Bahamas and went to a private resort called Atlantis and spent the day at their water park and private lagoon...oh and don't let me forget the aquarium with the largest manta ray I have ever seen. Easily as wide a giant SUV.

Pirate Party

Day two in the evening we had the most bad ass pirate party known to man kind. It was so much fun. It started with our actors acting out that our ship was being attacked by another pirate ship. They made it look like the big screen had been hit by a canon ball and shattered. I looked over at Olivia and she was crying and when I asked why she said "we are going down". Lol!! She bought the whole story hook line and sinker. Then we watched the best firework show on the seven seas and danced the night away. Too much fun!!

Olivia and Derek were so excited and cute acting like a Pirate check this video clip out of her doing a pirate. So CUTE!!

The Hotel Stay

The day before we got onto the ship and the day after we stayed at a Disney World resort hotel in Orlando. It made the travel a little easier to break it up and get a day to rest. Plus the kids thought all the giant characters were super cool. And they had this fun pool party the last day we were there. I won the "name the song" contest!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Addie's Piano

Here is a clip of Addie playing her Christmas song for her recital piece. She is only 7 and hasn't been taking lessons for a full year yet. I am so proud of her I get a little teary eyed when she plays. She never makes mistakes and doesn't even need to read the music. Once she has it down she has in down. I wish I were more like her sometimes.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Addie cut her lip

I seriously feel like December is always the month for the "shit to hit the fan" as they say. Because it would be nice to have more money to enjoy the Holidays and support my Egg Nog obsession, it seems that too many things happen that take away that money. We already had car trouble that we had to dip into savings to fix. And then Addie hit her lip causing a nice Urgent Care co pay and prescription drug fee. Its not that we can not afford these things during any other month its just all the stuff we want to buy for the kids Christmas plus these expenses kinda chaps my hide. If you remember last year Olivia was in the ER on Christmas Eve for shoving a bead into her ear. So more than the money its just a bad time of the year to be that stressed and worried.
She has a round of antibiotics and some mouth wash to rinse with and that should be the worst if it. It does look terrible right??

Egg Holder

My sweet boy Dalliin made this for me to hold my egg until I am ready to cook it. I love it!! Not cause its helpful, but simply because my boy made it and its pretty damn creative!

Christmas Pictures

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hamster obsessed

Olivia has been obsessed with hamsters for a long time. She did a great job with her pet that she got for her birthday. She was the best little hamster mom. When she accidentally killed it I thought it was best to give it some time before we got her a new one, time to really think about what she did. I caught her one night on her knees telling her heavenly father how much she missed her hamster and how sorry she was, and that she wanted him to take care of it now that it is in Heaven. I won't lie I even got teary eyed at the funeral cause I know how much she loved her pet. She truly loved Analease.
The other day she brought home this book from the school library and would just stare at the pictures and talk about how much she loved her hamster. She is getting a new one for Christmas and I can hardly contain myself and wait that long.

Addie's contribution

Decorating for Christmas and the kids wanted to help out so Addie did something creative with the fish bowl. I thought it was too cute to not document.