Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Day of Baseball

Its the last day of Baseball at least for this year any way. And I have to compartmentalize these kinds of things cause I can't wrap my mind around the thought of doing this for years and years. They made it to the final tournament and played really well but it was double elimination and the competition got the best of them. I am very happy that its over cause it hot as HELL and miserable to stand out there and watch. No amount of snow cones can help with 109 degrees. Been there done that.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fathers Day

It was a Sunday so I went to church with the three youngest after teaching my morning pump class and Andrew and Dallin went to an All Star baseball tournament. Dallin hit a home run and a couple of other really good balls far out there. Andrew was beyond excited to watch his son play so well. Dallin has really gotten better at baseball these past few weeks and thats all that Andrew could want(I couldn't think of anything to get him). It was 109 that day so we went to SubWay and then swimming. What else can you do on a hot day like that?

The Lake

I love love love living this close to a lake. I run there at least twice a week and I like to follow it up with a good swim. I hate swimming sooo much. Which is why I do it. I really feel like the best thing for you is what you hate. If thats running then its your meal ticket to success. I feel this way about swimming and one year later I don't like it even a tincy bit more. O well. Its nice to cool off after sitting in the sun with the kids.


We went to the lake. Olivia started posing for pics and then the other two kids joined in the fun. We had a good time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A little change to our list of pets

So we originally had Dallin-Lizard Addie-Fish Olivia-Hampster Derek-Hamster Family-Dog. Addie's fish died and then Andrew decided it should be replaced with a bird. How he considers that an equal trade off I don't know. The worst part is he is an accountant so you would think he would be better at math. We decided to get another fish cause we bought the bowl and food and stuff and it would be a waste. So now the fish is a Family fish and Addie's pet is a bird named Shimmer. The new fish has no name yet.... Sheesh.. I have allot more to say about all this but I better just leave it at that!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scout Camp

The Boy Scouts of America held a camp all week long every day till 9 pm. I can't really tell you what went on cause I basically dropped him off and went my merry way. I do know this much... He told me leaders spray painted all the poisen Ivy hot pink. Um.. what the hell? I never had leaders that smart at girls camp!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pets, Pets and more pets

I have already talked about how possessive Olivia is with her hamster. All the kids have been complaining that she never lets them hold the hamster ect. Dallin hit a couple of awesome home runs and we told him we would reward him. What he wanted was a pet lizard. I thought it would be no big deal but the initial set up is pretty expensive. By the time we got everything for his bearded dragon it was $225.00. Then the other kids had a fit and all wanted a pet too. I think the heat must have melted my brain cause I went with it. Most of the pets are fairly easy to take care of and I want them to learn how to take car of a pet. They have to earn the money for their food with chores. Just like a child they have to work to feed it and take care of it. If all goes well they will fail to make enough to feed their pets or not take care of them and then it dies and they think twice about having children cause they couldn't even handle a fish ect... I don't want them getting married and having kids too young (like me). Watch this whole thing back fire like most of my ideas do. Whatever I have good intentions!

Dallin got a lizard. Very sweet little guy. I have never and will never hold it. El Ferno

Derek got a mini dwarf hamster. It either bites you or plays dead. Please wear oven mittens when you handle Maximus.

Addie chose a fish. Cheap,very easy,cheap=My new favorite child. The fish is named petite princess. Its a male fish....
Olivia got some furniture for her pet and we still have Reggie our Family dog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was totally at wits end and I hate entertaining my kids when they are home from school all day so I decided to go throuh a car wash. It makes me laugh at how excited the kids got. You would think we never do anything with them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Odd ...

Yesterday was the girls dance recital and I have to say I was struggling to get through it. I am happy that they liked to preform but the problem is I have to watch every other kid in the dance program preform and quit frankly I don't give a rip. Especially when its off the wall crazy stuff. Dancing is a form of art if you will. One lunatic could splat paint on a canvas and charge $2,000.00 for it and the question is are you an idiot for buying it? I happen to love art but I still think its a valid point. These older girls that did solos and group dances were well I don't know. Like there was this one dance that was suppose to represent kids caught up in bullying and these girl were fluttering around pulling on each other falling to the ground all dramatic only to strip off their black shirts to reveal white shirts underneath and walk of stage like you would walk down the isle for a wedding. I have 4 words that come to mind - I DON'T GET IT! Check this video out of a solo by this one girl. You are not allowed to video cause they want you to buy from them. Another way to loose mad cash. So sorry if its blurry and side ways but listen to the music and watch. The girl is obviously very talented. But I am not that into the dance. In conclusion I wouldn't pay $2,000 per say for this kind of art. Others probably would its just a matter of taste.

Take a long long hard look.....

I want you to look long and hard at these pictures and then go back and look at them again cause I swear this is the last time I do this whole dance thing. Its was such a headache and for how much it all costs I am not too sure its worth it. I look at the older girls dancing and I just think is this what I can keep paying into and hope for? (chubby overly dramatic divas) I am open to new and different things but I also wonder about the skill set they are learning and how it helps them with their lives later on. I have way to many friends that were dancers/cheerleaders and now struggle with their weight after having babies to claim its that good of a work out. You would need to do it allot for it to be enough of a calorie burn for weight loss. If you want to be competitive then its insane amounts of money. And there are other competitive things they could do for allot less. Plus its not that cute any more. Olivia and Addie were fun to watch but they are on the edge of it being adorable. And there is allot to be said about quiting while you are ahead. So I think we wont continue this next year and see how they feel about it if they miss it or if it was just fun while it lasted. I spent way way way too much on it and I do think its lame how expensive this stuff is. Like the older girls that are really into it spend close to 375 a month and that doesn't include costumes and recital fees. Freaking A. I am not against people that are into it. But it seems like if you do want to do it you have to "drink the koolaid" and be a part of a cult. There isn't really a healthy medium that I have seen. I just don't know that its for us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love This

I love this for multiple reasons.
1-Derek can't read
2-Addie can't spell
3-My kids clearly don't like to share so why should I? (me trying to justify the stash of candy I bring out each night after they go to sleep)
4-It was me that got into her legos not Derek.
Bwah haha ha hahahahahaha.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ok so I do find a certain type of parent annoying. Very annoying. The kind that name their kid something off the wall or hard to spell and think its uber cute that they did that. Um...NO people it just makes life harder for them. Andrew did this to a couple of our kids and I feel really bad for them. Then they are soo biased towards their child they don't realize that other kids are doing the same mediocre things their kids are and ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! And they always favor their children. Life is tuff people the sooner you help your kids realize they are part of a larger group and they need to fit in the easier life will be for them. One time we had our son on a soccer team. And this mom of a really un athletic kid kept yelling at the other boys because they were hogging the soccer ball and not giving her son a chance to kick it. I am the kind of mom that is like if you want that ball you have to go get it yourself. I can't hold your hand at school and make friends for you or talk to your boss when you get a real job and negotiate a promotion for my kids. ANNOYING! I hate those kinds of parents. Stop cutting the crust off of bread! Bread has crust tell you kids to DEAL WITH IT!! Well.....Olivia is exactly like these parents that I hate. Only her child in this case is a hamster. She thinks its the cutest,smartest,most perfect hamster ever and she is way into it. Its really a step up form the mice I kill off in the garage every year. Every morning she comes down and gives me the play by play of how she chewed her food. Like no Hamster could ever do it as cute or well as Analise. Do you love the name? She got her for her birthday and I didn't think she would live for very long so I have yet to blog about our new addition. You should try baby sitting for Olivia can't do enough for her little bundle of joy. I guess I should be glad that she loves her birthday present so much. I just am a little bitter that I am the only one that cleans out the cage right now. Ahhh the things we do for our kids.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Sat as an ALL STAR

So done with Baseball and Dallin is so miserable and Andrew and I are so regreting putting him in it every flippin time we have to write another check for some thing lame and stupid related to this ALL STAR thing. But here we are pretending so he feels like we think THINGS are important blah blah blah. Worst part is the pants! Aside from being a white nightmare to remove stains from they make the players look kind of ghetto. Three more weeks to go. Its the 10,000 hour rule baby. Bottom line is he is getting in more time and that makes him better faster.

Dance is almost over

Thank Gawd dance is almost over. I don't know why but this year I hated waiting an hour whilst entertaining Derek for her to finish dancing. I think I picked a bad day and time but had to follow through. They have their recital this coming Sat the 11th so mark your calendars and come read my blog. Whatever!.... you know you are freaking out with excitement blog stalker!

Ouch !!

Yeah Home Boy got hurt again. It makes me soooo sick to my stomach. I am not sure what happened. Let me just say two men were babysitting and my son was there but he is of the male gender too so none of the stories match. I was running and got home and had to debate as to get him stitches or not. My sister (the nurse) said he needed them but I don't do the whole thing when you take them back and deal with the crying so our next best option was steri strips since none of the men were willing to take him in. I am going to try my best to keep a record of all the trama he has caused me as his mother so he will know why I fully expect him to contribute to my nursing home fund.

Kung Fu Panda 2

We got a new movie theater really close to our home and its great cause we love movies. Mostly Aunt Net takes the kids so they are dying to have her come out and take them. I decided to be ambitious and brave a movie with them cause they have been so excited since it was built and she won't be out here again till July. We did Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D. The whole 3D thing makes me dizzy as hell and its hard cause Derek didn't keep his glasses on and if you don't wear them the screen is blurry. Watch him need glasses next year or go cross eyed because of all this new technology.