Sunday, June 12, 2011

Odd ...

Yesterday was the girls dance recital and I have to say I was struggling to get through it. I am happy that they liked to preform but the problem is I have to watch every other kid in the dance program preform and quit frankly I don't give a rip. Especially when its off the wall crazy stuff. Dancing is a form of art if you will. One lunatic could splat paint on a canvas and charge $2,000.00 for it and the question is are you an idiot for buying it? I happen to love art but I still think its a valid point. These older girls that did solos and group dances were well I don't know. Like there was this one dance that was suppose to represent kids caught up in bullying and these girl were fluttering around pulling on each other falling to the ground all dramatic only to strip off their black shirts to reveal white shirts underneath and walk of stage like you would walk down the isle for a wedding. I have 4 words that come to mind - I DON'T GET IT! Check this video out of a solo by this one girl. You are not allowed to video cause they want you to buy from them. Another way to loose mad cash. So sorry if its blurry and side ways but listen to the music and watch. The girl is obviously very talented. But I am not that into the dance. In conclusion I wouldn't pay $2,000 per say for this kind of art. Others probably would its just a matter of taste.

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