Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What A Tank

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your main goal be to gain as much fat as possible. Well all the doctors say that the more fat babies have the better it is for their brains. Derek is doing a swell job of packing on the pounds. He has such fat thighs I have to make sure to scrub between the folds when he has a bath. He has a double chin and a little beer belly. Thats my boy!

Dallin wins

Now its the cereal race. Dallin won by a land slide. I am so proud of him.
Living in a house full of champions and the Olympic spirit.

Addie is the winner

Addie and Dallin always compete over who can eat their food the fastest. Andrew came up with this idea to keep them from being distracted. Some days it gets out of hand, whoever didn't win (usually Addie) is crying and all upset and wants a rematch. Any way today they were trying to see who would win for missing dad more. I think Addie wins this argument. Dallin is a very passive personality. We are teaching him how to be more hungry for the gold medal and to be happy with nothing less than first place. Thats the Weeks family philosophy. If you feel like you got game come play our family in kick ball and walk away with your tail between your legs. (totally kidding)
(or am I?)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Olivia is locked in

Some how Olivia got locked in our bedroom. I think Addie did it but it could have been her. Either way I tried several things before I decided to take the door knob off. She was really crying. Poor girl. I was talking to her thinking it would calm her down. But it might have made me look like the bad guy that was keeping her in there.
She is fine now. Its just another normal day for me. Maybe thats why I was so calm.

Derek is concerned

I was walking around the house to find a screw driver so I could let Olivia out and I walked past Derek he looked very upset that so much noise was going on (Olivia was screaming loudly).

Finally I got the door open

I got it open. But she doesn't seem happy.

Stay away from me I know you did it.

I think she thinks I did it. That or she is angry about how long it took me to get the door open cause she was mad as could be and was screaming at me running around the room and over the bed to get away from me.

Still catching my breath

I finally got her to come to me but she wouldn't talk or respond to questions. Still pretty pissed off. I am sure she is trying to figure out who it could have been.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't Make a mountain out of a Molehill

This morning I told the kids they could play with the pillows on the couch cause I was busy with the baby and I thought it would buy me some time. When I got done I checked in on them and found they had used all the pillows from throughout the house to build a huge pile of pillows to jump on. I think I will let them leave it up for a while since nothing big is happening this weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Raise your hand.

Today is Friday normally I would be excited cause on the weekend I get a break from the kids when Andrew is home playing with them. Not this weekend. I have no idea what to do with them to keep them entertained the whole time. Usually Dallin goes to school so I am not used to having him all day. Even for Christmas break Andrew was home helping me with all four. I think my point is its not very romantic but when i ask the kids if they miss him I am raising my hand too cause I am tired and need a break. Any one want to Babysit?

Mr Brown Can Moo Can You???

I was reading the Dr. Seuss Mr. Brown can Moo book. And it was cute cause Livvy was participating. She usually cant sit still for half a page. This time she tried to make the noises. She is Andrew's favorite.
He hates it when I say that "Camille I love them all the same". But every one says that. Deep down they know they have a favorite. I wont lie right now Derek is my favorite. Andrew's Dad says the same thing but he totally had a thing for Heidi's daughter Aysha he would tell stories about her to us and just light up like a kid on Christmas morning. And now he has a thing for Kristy's son Owen. Its so obvious. So you all can lie but I am calling you out. Annette you know Addie is your favorite. I am not saying they dont love the other kids its just they have a favorite.
Any way I know he would really love to see this.
She really misses you "mommy" (daddy)

sizzle sizzle

knock knock

Addie Cleans up

Before our bed time routine we clean up and since Addie is so into horses she wanted me to ask her as a horsy to clean up. Most people think she likes them in the spirit of sitting in the saddle and taking them for a trot but the truth is she wants to be a horse. She pretends she is a horse everyday. I have 4 pairs of pants with holes in the knees as proof. So here is a video clip of her cleaning up like a horsy. Its weird but I wouldn't take her any other way. You can even hear at the end where she neighs just like butterscotch her pony.

Its time to walk

You can tell Derek is so excited he can bearly stand the anticipation. And the girls are going nuts. Its just one solid roller coaster ride here at the Weeks residents.

And we are off

Again people this lame stuff is for Andrew so for the millions of americans out there that tune in to see my blog updates I am sorry its so boring but we have a middle aged soft teddy bear of a dad that just eats this stuff up. So here is a video clip of us headed out for our walk Andrew. Enjoy.

Big Plans for today

Today is my "day off". I have a big work out every other day. Today is a day i dont have one so we go on a long walk. I gave baby Derek a bath and got him in some warm clothes so he is ready for the walk. Dallin rides his bike, the girls ride in the stoller and I have Derek in a carrier straped to the front of me. We need some eggs from the grocery store so we will go after Derek's morning nap and then come home and watch tv. I might pass out on the couch during Dora. We wait for Dallin to come home and then we head out on our walk. After that its playdough time. Then dinner and thats about it. We have so much to do today it a wonder i had a chance to post this blog. Look how cute the little football sweat suit is on Derek. Uncle Phil bought it for him and its a shame they dont have any boys cause they pick such cute outfits for them to wear.
P.S. We still miss you Andrew!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Sunday of the Month

Last year my grandmother died around christmas time and then this year my grandfather followed suit right before Thanksgiving. I feel like I wish I had spent more time with them. So I giving my husband a gift. I know he would feel the same way because he is so busy he never calls or keeps in touch with his own grandparents. They live just down the road from us so it should be easy but they have a cat and Andrew is very allergic he starts talking like he has a frog in his throat then he will take a Benidryl and he is asleep in their recliner chair leaving me with four kids all by myself. So we decided to switch off with his sister having them come for dinner the first Sunday of each month cause thats the only time she can do it. It must feel so nice being so busy you have to be selective about who you grace with your presence like Andrew and Colleen. Any way for Feb its at our house and we were down to like 3 spoons and 5 forks. So in preparation I bought a whole new set of 12 of each. POW!!! I am showing a pic for Andrew to see since he is out of town. I dont like them as much today as I did the day I bought them. But I already threw the boxes they came in out and the trash guy came today. And every one knows what a bitch return policies are to work with.

Happy Derek is Ok

Annette is so into being an aunt that its as scary for her when things happen to my kids as it is for me. At work her friends all knew she was worried about Derek when he was dropped on his head and it was scary for the first 24 hours. He is officially in the clear. No brain damage. He still does not smile much, but we cant tell if its the noise of the other kids or the fact he thinks life sucks when your that young and have to go through that much pain. Either way Annette's friend sent a gift basket of sugar cookies to our home. Colleen Andrew's sister gave us one when Derek was born and the cookies were soooooo good that i hid a few of them in my closet and would eat them in secret. Anything you eat in the open is going to be shared with the kids so I had to keep it all on the down low. I am currently on a diet and it does not allow much sugar intake. However the basket is for Derek and how would he get to taste the cookies if I didnt eat them to come through in my breast milk. I had a whole lion and I am not sorry about it one bit. These cookies are sooo good. Tomorrow though I will go back to the diet.
Honestly I am so greatfull for all the prayers and well wishes. It means allot. I remember driving him to the Emergency Room and I couldn't stop crying. Luckily there were no red lights or big stops on the way. I probably would have gotten in an accident.
Thankyou Holly Martin

Early Release Day

Ok Dad. Dallin was let out of school today at 11:30. It was an early release day because the teacher had meetings to go to or something. I read the note they sent home but i cant find it now so I dont officially know. I told him we could get McDonalds because he would miss lunch at school. He got his hair cut last night.
Olivia always tips her drink up like its a sippy cup and ends up spilling a ton of it on her shirt. But I put one of those bendy straws in today and it was awsome she didnt tip the cup.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Every Body say hi to Dad.

Dallin has issues. For starters he needs a hair cut. But any way he has a real hard time knowing anything is going on besides the T.V. when he watches his cartoons. I could say his name 100 times and get not even a flinch. The only way you can get him to look away is to turn it off. He loves his dad and wants to say hi but the tv is making it way to hard to look away. On the positive side I am 100% sure he will be either a heart surgeon or brain surgeon. So I am not to upset about this one little tiny issue.


And now Olivia. I think she is confused that I am saying say Hi to daddy and she cant see him. She calls him Mommy. If you ask her to say daddy she says Mommy. When he comes home from work she skips to the door saying mommy over and over again. Even in this clip I tell her to say daddy and she says mommy at the end.


Now its Addie's turn to say hi. She even gives him a hug and kiss. How Cute! I bet Daddy melts when he sees this.


Baby Derek say Hi to daddy. Babies grow so fast you have to just sit and stare at them or you will miss the whole thing. Here is baby Derek saying Hi to dad so when he gets home he doesnt say "O my gosh you have changed so much"

Daddys Gone

Andrew is out of town in Toledo Ohio. He left on Monday morning at 7 am. The kids got to say good bye and we explained to them that he will be gone for two weeks but they still come into my bedroom in the morning and are very upset when they dont find the incredibly long lump on their dad's side of the bed. And they ask over and over again when he is coming home. So for his sake I am going to try and blog often so he can see whats up with his family while he is at work. He is in a different time zone and he works so late that some nights we dont even get to talk on the phone. Its going to be not interesting at all for most but O well.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Olivia Dancing

This is a quick video of our baby girl dancing. One of her dads favorite songs is the one from the Bourn Identity movie. Any way. I know tons of toddlers dance. Maybe not as crazy, but for us its special cause she was born deaf and it one way for us to know the surgery worked.

New Years Eve.

With the baby being droped on his head. We kind of didnt go for the whole babysitter thing on new years eve. We stayed in with the kids and had a game night. Andrew was much more excited about it then me. So spaghetti for dinner then we played Hungry Hippos, Candy Land, Wack a Mole, and Bowling. Then we made banana splits. Dallin had a scoop of Vanilla and pink bubble gum with carmel topping then M&Ms, cinnamon dots, colorful sprinkles and chocolate topping. And he ate it all. Its amazing how much sugar children can consume. When i was doing the dishes I did wash three banana halfs down the drain though. Then Olivia went to bed and we played go fish. I personally didnt make it to midnight. But I think Andrew stayed up to read a book and had Martinellis at midnight. After having four kids I was not in the mood to make out at midnight. O well maybe next year.

Baby Derek Update

Derek is doing fine now. The swelling has gone away all together. It still very soft and tender where he hit. He has kind of a yellowish tint to his scalp. Kind of like what you see when your bruise is going away. But no brain damage and no more doctors appointments. He is a red head. Andrews mom and sister are red headed and all my siblings are red headed. We were always aware we would have one. Olivia was born with red hair and then it changed out around 4 months. So he could still be a blondy but i doubt it cause he is so pail. When i go to give him a bath its blinding. I am sure this summer he will be watching all of us swim from the sliding glass door wishing he didnt sun burn so easy.

Olivia Got.

Olivia got one of those old school cash registers. I remember playing with them as a kid. And a little dog on a leash that she can pull around. Our kids got that big nice swing set from our family members and they love it. They go out there every day. So each of them only got a couple of presents on top of that. We had one year where they got so much stuff they werent interested in opening the presents still unwrapped under the tree. So this year was great. I feel like i have so many kids I am running a small day care and its worth it to have fun things like a swing set. I dont have the energy to go to the park any more. Any way she really loves it.
And yes i did cut her bangs myself. Its horrible i know. It was free, but now i am sure i will go to a professional next time. But good luck to who ever it is cause she would not hold still even with candy.

Addie Got

Its no secret that Addie LOVES! horses. She obsesses about them. She only colors horse pictures she wants only horse toys ect.. So I thougt it was so perfect that they came out with these Fur Real Friends. She really wanted one and it does not disappoint. He turns towards you when you enter the room and he whinnys and neighs when you pet him. He will move his head back and forward and make a clopping noise when you ride him and if he hasnt been stimulated in a while he will look for you and then turn off. She loves him soo much. She has him sleep by her bed with a matching blanket at night. I thought she would just forget about him and move on but she spends so much time in her room petting him and riding him.. Yesterday we were reading a book about dinosaurs that are happy,always crying, always mad, or always worried ect... Andrew asked the three kids sitting on the couch listening if they are ever worried like the dinosaur on the page he was currently reading and she piped up that she is very worried that Butterscotch (her horse) will just up and trot away one day and she wont get to play with him any more. A lesson to all of us to cherish each day we have with loved ones. She also got a doll house.

Dallin Got

So for Christmas Dallin wrote letters to Santa where he clipped out Pictures of what he wanted from the Toys R Us magazine. He wrote at the bottom " Dear Santa id been good"
He wanted a Dinosaur hotwheels race track, a hover craft that goes on land, water, and snow. It does not go on water so well by the way. And he got this little spider robot thing. Most of the time the hot wheels race tracks never work but this one has been working just fine so it was worth the money. Not that it matters cause Santa brought it.

Christmas Eve

We had big plans on Christmas eve. We wanted to have a big family dinner, then tell the the story of baby Jesus with a little nativity as a visual aid, and then each open one gift that we got for each other. But the kids were crazy. At dinner Dallin kept telling every one to be completly quiet cause he could hear the hoofs of reindeer stomping on a roof top. He would name our neighbors one by one claiming that Santa was at their house right now. He told us he needed to get to bed asap because if he didnt Santa would skip his house. Its like 5:30 at this point. So we tried to go through the story of baby Jesus and all that and again they were anxious to get to bed. Of corse the other two go along with anything the older sibling is saying. So we kind of gave up and went to open one present. They were so excited and crazy we could not contain them.
At 3:30 am I went to the kitchen to get a drink after feeding the baby and Dallin came in to inform me that Santa had come. We made him go back to sleep. The girls werent awake and if we woke them up then we would have some whiny grumpy little girls for Christmas day. I doubt he went back to sleep but we didnt start opening things till 7. Dallin helped all of us open faster cause he really thought we needed it.