Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve.

With the baby being droped on his head. We kind of didnt go for the whole babysitter thing on new years eve. We stayed in with the kids and had a game night. Andrew was much more excited about it then me. So spaghetti for dinner then we played Hungry Hippos, Candy Land, Wack a Mole, and Bowling. Then we made banana splits. Dallin had a scoop of Vanilla and pink bubble gum with carmel topping then M&Ms, cinnamon dots, colorful sprinkles and chocolate topping. And he ate it all. Its amazing how much sugar children can consume. When i was doing the dishes I did wash three banana halfs down the drain though. Then Olivia went to bed and we played go fish. I personally didnt make it to midnight. But I think Andrew stayed up to read a book and had Martinellis at midnight. After having four kids I was not in the mood to make out at midnight. O well maybe next year.

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Jed & Rachel said...


I love the video of Livvy! I miss the kids so much. I really wish we lived closer so Nolan could know his cousins better. Hopefully, in the future, when he and Derek are older we can get together on a regular basis, so they can get to know each other. I'm so relieved Derek is doing better. Bless his heart. We prayed for him several times each day, and will continue to do so. We love you all.