Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

I was visiting my sister down in Corpus and loving my new niece before I drove home to catch my kids enjoying Halloween. Andrew and I always make chili and this time I was tired but I went to the store and came home to make it. This year not too many houses were open for candy but thats fine with me! The ward had a party a couple nights before and playgroups and dance classes and the school all had fun things for them to do so it was a good long week of festivities. I just packed up the last of the Halloween decorations and I am glad to be done till next year.

Derek's Presents

Our family tradition is to have a birthday week. Every day of that week you can open a present. It works out great because they can enjoy each present more when its the highlight of the day instead of ripping through all of them on the birthday and only playing with the favorite one and then the buzz has worn off so when you finally do play with the other ones its not as much fun. Genius idea I know! Since Derek has seen all his siblings do this and he is now turning three I figured he would be upset to not get what every one else does. Long story short I wrapped up seven present and put them on the dining room table. I was rushing to get out the door and take the older kids to school. When I got back both Olivia and Derek greeted me at the door looking like they were constipated. As I went to the kitchen to grab some apple juice (it helps with constipation) I noticed wrapping paper strewn about the living room and thats when it hit me. They are not constipated. The devil and his trusty side kick Liva had gotten down the presents and opened every last one of them. I am not mad at all. I don't know what I expected from a 3 year old. Thats being said I am not sure what to do. He has nothing to open at his party and its kind of a downer to not have a present at the party. So I can either use a gift that was suppose to be for Christmas or go get him another one. In the end it felt allot like being robbed. I still have post traumatic stress syndrom as we speak.

This is a clip of us helping him after the wrapping paper was torn off. This is his favorite present. more pics of it to come.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Car Accident

Its been forever since the accident and its not like today is some sort of important date with regards to the accident but I finally scanned the images and decided why not post them around Halloween time since its all about blood and guts any way. I know its genius! I think the pictures are pretty much self explanatory so I will let you look at your own risk. Please don't look if you have a weak stomach. And don't worry I didn't feel a thing so you can send presents and cookie bouquets if you feel bad for me but I would feel better getting them knowing you have all the information.

Halloween Packages from Aunt Net

Friday, October 22, 2010

Boy Scouts

And so it is that my son wants to go to boy scouts every Wednesday. I was really hoping he would not want to do it and then I would just have one less thing to drive my kid to but no such luck. And now he is bugging me to build things and come up with projects etc... so he can pass off and get patches that then need to be sewn on (thank goodness for grandma). Last night the parents had to go. They had an activity where you plan out what you would do if there were a fire in your home. They even made us draw out our escape plan. The head mother lady/Den mother came up to us and was like "you guys have a two story house so you would need to use your fire escape ladder in this case" I told her we don't have one and she gave me this look like I was a pedophile. Seriously? can't we just tie sheets together or some thing? Better yet we have a trampoline. I will just throw the kids down onto it that would be way more fun. And if this granola chick were really on the ball she should have had Dallin make one with rope at one of his cub scout activities. How is this my problem?
After the activity he was awarded his Bob Cat badge and a soccer belt loop. Whatever all that means right? I had to go and paint war paint on his face. Each color represented something. And then he gave me a little tiny pin. Its a good thing they recognize the moms in this organization cause I was beginning to think its not worth it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Creepy Sea World

Once the football game was over we headed to Sea World for their Halloween festivities. There was a Spooky forest and I am glad we walked through it when it was still daylight because there was a few really creepy things. They had a barn full of animals that had been skinned and their guts were dangling out and they were hanging on the wall with all this blood dripping off of them. Plus there was a part where you had to walk around and through people that had hung them selves and one guy was missing fingers and you could see the bones coming out. Yikes! I can't say I was scared as much as sick to my stomach. I mean who comes up with this stuff? At the end they had this Sesame Street show that was the BOMB! I could not stop dancing. Who can sit still during the Monster Mash? The funniest part was my brother was counting and full on participating with The Count. Its so funny to see a hardcore meat head with road rage tendencies morph into a softy around their kid. Derek was so excited. I must admit I was a bit star struck when Elmo waved at ME! Me!! (he could have been waving at the cute baby behind me but I highly doubt it) Over all it was a fun trip and we can't wait to go back. Never during rush hour traffic again though.

Football in San Antonio

Dallin's game was in San Antonio this weekend which is great cause my brother lives there so we were able to have fun with my little and only nephew. I can't wait for the new little additions to the family. My kids are dying for more cousins. And I am so baby hungry I could gnaw on a chubby baby arm for super every night. (if it were actually legal to do so) Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin Patch today for Olivia's playgroup. The kids had fun. I must admit once you see the website you think its going to be the BOMB truth be told after the hay ride its all down hill from there. But kids don't have a BS radar so for the price I paid my little ones thought it was money well spent. I could have gone for a pedicure and Diet Coke while they catch up on Dora reruns at home but.... Its like I always say...... Oh Never mind!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our NEW dog

My little sis found this dog and tried her level headed best to find his owner. She has a baby on the way and the animal shelter was so full it was having to "put down" animals every other day. She asked if we would be able to take the dog and obviously after Dash we were hesitant (to say the least). Obviously!!! I feel the need to point out the obvious cause the kind of PETA lug heads in ethics class that read my blog don't catch on too quick. Any way.... Becka had the dog come visit and we tested how he would behave. Its a night and day difference. I mean I was chasing dash around multiple times a day trying to get him to come back home and he was biting the kids and on and on. It was so hard! This dog is sooo sweet and well behaved. To the point where you can walk him without a leash and he won't go more than a two feet ahead and come right back. With where I am in life right now its the perfect fit. And the kids love love love him too. We named him Reggie (stolen name from Rachel and Ryan). I guess Karma is a Bitch and she was so upset at how unfair some of the people were being when I got rid of Dash that she decided to send me the perfect dog! HA HA! I don't really believe in Karma. But I do find it odd that people like to hand out bad Karma when they disagree with another's choice as if they have some say in how it all works. Bottom line is I have loved so many pets in my life but I swear some animal lovers creep me out to the point where I think they would kill a human on behalf of a COW. In fact lots of research has indicated that people who are obsessive over animals are that way because they lack the skill set needed to be intimate with people close to them. Have you ever met the single 40 yr old lady with like 25 cats? Think about it. Bring on the comments!!

Halloween 2010

Well we decorated again for Halloween this year. I was not as anxious about getting all the stuff out this year. For one I feel like my house is never clean. With a cob web strewn across everything and every surface I like to keep uncluttered is now cluttered with a skull or spider it just irritates me. But then I saw how excited the kids get and remembered why I do it. Did I mention how often I get frightened by the life size witch and skeleton even though I have had them around for a couple of years I still go to get a glass of water at night and leak a little in pants before I realize its just our Halloween decor. The things I do for my kids!!

this picture says "come closer and closer" then it sticks its tongue out as his eye balls bugg out at the same time. The kids press the button on this puppy about Oh... a hundred times a day!

This is me reinacting how scared I get when I am caught off guard by the witch or skeleton. I swear my biggest talent is acting.

Our new dog's costume. It looks like the headless horseman is riding on his back. And he is excited about participating in Halloween festivities. Can't you tell?

Blood on the windows because if you have boys thats all Halloween means to them just screaming and murder. I mean we did make him listen to General Conference this year so you can't blame the parents.

This is Dallin's contribution to the decorations. He also pinned Addie's horses tail to the wall with purple lights dangling above. (I still have high hopes he will be a brain surgeon no matter what)