Monday, June 3, 2013

Beach to Bay

Beach to Bay is the countries largest relay race. I skipped last year. Mainly cause I hate the women I used to run with. Boob jobs, tummy tucks and talking behind each others backs. I have learned to steer clear of insecure women. I have so many fun loving. inspiring friends at work its easier to just stay away from the drama. But one of the ladies I actually do really like asked me to join the relay team cause some one dropped out and I (reluctantly) agreed. I didn't go down with my team or stay with them in the hotel. This time I went down early and stayed at my sister's house. She was running with her work team too so we went to the race together. We had a blast that weekend. I got closer to my little niece Peyton. She would sit on my lap and play puzzles with me. She is hysterical. I love that nugget.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wii U -5 months of hard work

I am still gasping for air after I heard the final cost of everything. Damn game systems cost a fortune. But the point is they earned it. We were this close ...this close.. to buying them one for Christmas. Its was the number one request on all their Santa lists. But we thought it would be better for them to earn it. A couple of months prior Dallin had spilled a drink on his new Nintendo 3 DS and we were very upset by the price it cost to repair it. Then one of the kids (we still are not sure who, they all tell a different story) broke the lap top. We felt they didn't take care of things. Really expensive things. Maybe if they saw how hard we work to earn the things we have, maybe they would appreciate it more and take better care of these items. So it began. We gave them each a jar and each chore was worth a pebble. All four of them had to fill their jar to the top for the family to get a Wii U. It took 5 long months of chore after chore after chore. In the end Olivia's jar was half full and every one else was done. She is our most difficult when it comes to work. So we all pushed her extra hard. Her brothers even did chores and added pebbles to her jar to help. Andrew and I were very liberal with how many pebbles she got for a chore. Which is total BS as Addie so eloquently pointed out. May 28th we bought the system and they have not stopped fighting since. They argue over who completed level one better, and who's turn it is to play. Just five min ago Olivia was playing and Derek just couldn't sit back and watch her miss another mushroom. He decided to punch her in the arm for playing like a pansy. UGH! Not really sure what life lesson is to be learned here. We have spent the last two days grounding them from the very thing they worked their asses off to earn so... If I were to sum it all up I would say. Proud of my kids but I hate Nintendo (anyone or anything associated with the company) with ALL MY HEART! Now back to e-bay so I can bid on another controller for the damn thing.