Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The downside to potty training.

Don't get me wrong the very fact that the poop goes in the toilet and I don't directly have to handle it is beyond awesome. But there are some negatives that come along with a newly potty trained kid. Because I want to encourage him to tell me when he has to go in public he will often tell me he has to go just to get out of sacrament meeting at church or when he wants attention and I am talking to a friend. I have to get up and take him only to find its a false alarm. I cant tell yet when he is faking so I am at his mercy. Oddly enough he will pee on any fence or tree for convenience while playing outside but he wont pee in the pool. And do you have any idea how hard it is to put wet swim trunks back on to a wet little bum while he is trying to find stability from a slippery wet cement floor. Just go in the pool!!! Thats what chemicals are for. And we did the whole candy reward system when he did a duke. But I am not having an easy time fading the candy out. The min I don't give him a piece of candy for his #2 he has an accident. Truth be told he has a couple of teeth turning a greyish shade of brown. Not good. Nothing in parenting is easy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Recital

The girls had a dance recital last night. I was so worried Olivia would not do anything but stand there and cry so I had many nights where I would work through if that did happen how I would react and what I would say to her. I had to practice in front of the mirror how to smile through the disappointment and get it to look genuine. But there was no need for that. Olivia Rocked it!!! She was so stinkin cute and confident that I had tears in my eyes. Both her and Addie had two dances to preform. One tap and one Ballet. Addie is very naturally confident so we knew she would shake it like no one else. But now Olivia has what it takes to steal the show. They were perfect and adorable and I am so proud of them. When I saw how big the audience was I doubt that I could have done what they did. I want to thank my sister Annette for paying for their dance classes and buying them gifts to wish them well. (i would take pics of the presents she got but one barbie is missing her top and we need to keep this blog G rated) And thanks to my parents and aunt Becka for coming out to cheer them on.

Friday, May 21, 2010


They probably won't get along at all this summer. Cute stuff!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Celebration

I don't know who thinks these sort of things up but they are very clever. I am the most anti crying sentimental person around. And I was beside myself at this graduation. For starters they put them in a cap and gown which is the cutest thing you can do to a preschooler thats about to start the rest of their education for reals. But they also had a slide show with pictures of the kids throughout the school year and they put it to music. The worst was when they showed pictures of the kids dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up and played the song from Martina McBride "Do it any way". Imagine a picture of your kid in their little business suit and then these words are sung.....
You can spend your whole life buildin'
Something from nothin
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

I mean blow me out of the water there is no water proof mascara out there that can with stand that! Then they played the graduation song and these tiny little kids came walking down the isle. They called out each of their names and gave them their certificate of graduation. And get this.. They had them curtsy and bow before they sat back down. Now we are into the ultimate cuteness realm. And then they sang a song called I am a promise I am a possibility ... with a Capital P! I am spent. It was too much for me to hold in my tears. I look horrible after I cry and I feel all embarrassed. It was like being molested in a way. I am so glad I went though and I am proud of her and can't wait to see how the rest of her school years turn out. This is the beginning of many things to come. She is going to rock this world.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dallin's Field Day

Dallin had field day at his school. My dad and I went and he was happy to see us but we were both like "what is all this?" It was nothing like the field days I had growing up. They had a booth for CPR certification. And a table where they needed to fill out "stranger danger" cards for the police department with finger prints from all five fingers and your family history. Seriously? The rest of the things they did were pretty fun/normal. Soccer, Relay races, Picking up plastic rattle snakes with tongues, an obstacle course, giant puzzles, and of course snow cones and popcorn. I am happy for him that he had fun and impressed with how creative our PTA parents are. Nuff said! (side note-I will not be using him as the go to guy in the family if some one god forbid needed CPR. He certified but man he was goofing off with his dummy)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lucky mom!!

I got the BEST presents for mothers day!

Dallin made me this bracelet. I must admit the teacher did a decent job of picking out the beads. I can actually wear it. I love the poem. Thats rhyming at its best.

This is a picture of what Dallin likes to do with me. He loves swimming. You will notice that I don't get into the pool I sit out and tan.

This is the letter he wrote me. He is such a sweet kid. He will make some girl a very happy wife one day.

Addie knows I love to read at night before bed so she made me a bookmark. I love it and its very useful. Each petal of the flower is her finger print. Very cute idea.

Olivia answered questions about me. I love that she said I was 1 lb and Big Tall. So cute and yet I could eat chocolate that day cause I didn't feel extra large.

Olivia told me she was making her present ugly so the teacher took it and did it for her. So thanks Mrs. Melissa and thanks Olivia for being honest. I like it just the same regardless.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Andrew wanted to do a family home evening activity where we went down town to see the bats. Austin is famous for the bats that come out every night when the sun goes down. There are thousands and thousands of them. The only problem was it is well past the kids bed time when the sun goes down let alone getting them all in the car to drive them back home would put them another hour past their bed time. I guess I have become so structured and have so many routines set in place that my kids can not handle anything outside the norm. I need to adjust that a little especially with summer coming. We stopped to get ice cream and hang out before sun set and then headed over to the park. The thing about being downtown too is every thing is so darn expensive. The kids got a simple scoop on a cone for about 5 dollars each. Plus there were allot of couples that walked by and we were not sure which one was the guy and which one was the girl. But thats also what makes downtown fun too is it is eclectic and has a energy to it. I don't want people to think we have these perfect fun happy outings. Once we got to the park the kids all had to pee. For the girls this meant their dad had to hold up a blanket while I held onto their legs and got the splash on my feet. And then of course they were are melting down cause it was past bed time. Derek and Olivia get really hyper and they run around and giggle till they get dizzy when they are tired. Addie turns into a big cynic and will go off on me or Andrew about how we ruin her life and she wants the world to end cause she hates people and she hates stars and she thinks strawberry shortcake is too nice and on and on. But we did get to see the bats come out and that part was amazing. Andrew swears he got pooped on. It was a drop on condensation from under the bride but he was ranting and carrying on all disgusted. It was so funny. Drama! Then we all got in the car and made a bunch of empty threats to get them to fall asleep in their car seats. And that folks is what we call family fun!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love Hurts!

I am doing my best to blog about boring mundane things to avoid attracting all the dog lovers that seem to enjoy insulting humans (I guess cause we are not one of Gods creatures). So if your bored with my posts... I don't blame you. There is this girl in our neighborhood that has a crush on Dallin. Trust me I can spot this sort of thing from a mile away. All text book symptoms of being head over hills for him. The number one sign at this age is VIOLENCE. I have seen him outside playing with his friends and she swoops in to beat the shit out of him and then walks away with a sexy strut. Andrew and his friend had a crush on this girl in grade school and every day without fail they would find her at recess and kick her in the butt over and over again till the bell rang. Can you imagine how much she must have hated going to school? I had a crush on this boy and we would carpool with his family to school. The first day of school he looked so hot in his new blue striped shirt I got an urge to hurt him like no other. So I pushed him down and skinned both his knees. Dallin is not allowed to hit or be violent to girls. I do agree with him that she is older and allot more husky than what would constitute a "girl" But all the same the rule stands. A couple of days ago he was standing talking to a friend and this girl was ridding her bike. She turned his direction and came straight at him. She didn't apply the breaks or slow down in the slightest. She just plowed right into him. To me he has mad game making girls all crazy in the head like that. But the mere mention of her liking him will piss him off to no end. Sorry Boo love hurts!!! Even when your not in love in the slightest. Lol.