Monday, May 17, 2010

Dallin's Field Day

Dallin had field day at his school. My dad and I went and he was happy to see us but we were both like "what is all this?" It was nothing like the field days I had growing up. They had a booth for CPR certification. And a table where they needed to fill out "stranger danger" cards for the police department with finger prints from all five fingers and your family history. Seriously? The rest of the things they did were pretty fun/normal. Soccer, Relay races, Picking up plastic rattle snakes with tongues, an obstacle course, giant puzzles, and of course snow cones and popcorn. I am happy for him that he had fun and impressed with how creative our PTA parents are. Nuff said! (side note-I will not be using him as the go to guy in the family if some one god forbid needed CPR. He certified but man he was goofing off with his dummy)

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