Friday, June 22, 2012

Fathers Day

Fathers Day was hella fun this year. I had the kids each color and design their own little sign that they would stand and hold to make a message for their dad. It was cute to see how dialed in they were when it came time to color "FOR DAD!". Then when I got home from work I gave him my cool gift. A super (expensive) nice weed whacker combo. We have never really spent much on yard tools. I guess we never wanted to grow up and admit it was worth the investment. Yet every time we would walk the dog Andrew would always comment how nice the yards looked with a straight edge along the perimeter of the yard. So I got him an attachment that does that. Now he is so proud of our "straight edged lawn". Then off to the pond for some fishing and snow cones.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your gonna love this story ......

Very cute story. I'm might sell the rights to Disney so they can make a cheesy little movie out of it. But ONLY if they have Megan Fox play me in the movie. I know your thinking she is too young and immature to be a mom... but hello!! so am I! We look too similar for her to not get the role. Any way. THE STORY----> Addie doesn't do her hair ever.. She lets it get all tangled and sweaty and crispy and never brushes it or pulls it back. She hates pig tails, braids, half pony, whole pony, shampoo and conditioner. I finally had enough and I told her that if she didn't start letting me fix her hair I was going to cut it. (I figured at least a short stacked bob would be cuter than long and disheveled) She got angry and said why? "why do I have to look the way you think I should look?" "I like how I look." I told her that we have to dress nice, clean our clothes and take care of our personal hygiene to put our best foot forward. She said that she does brush her teeth,take showers and brush her hair in the morning but her hair gets tangled later in the day. I told her thats why we needed to fix it up so it would not do that. I told her people are cruel and will judge us if we look ugly. She said well I don't care what those kind of people think about me! @#%#%$@!! Grrrr... Damn! That was a good response. She told me she likes who she is and does not think her hair has anything to do with who she is. Listen I love love love that she thinks like that and am proud of her being smart enough to communicate her feelings so well. This is my whole problem! I am parenting a child that is smarter than me. Every argument she trumps me with these smart well thought out responses. It freaking sucks amazeBalls! I was out. I had nothing left to argue with. All my ideas were shot back at me and shoved down my throat making me feel simple minded and small. So I started to beg. Cause though I agree that she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like, I was still tired of people thinking we were homeless or dirt poor because of how she rolls out for school everyday. I pleaded and begged and bribed her. She finally said ok. I got so excited and happy! Clapping my hands I said "YES! YES, YES...if you go get me a hair tie and brush I will try this new braid I saw on Pinterest." Her response?? "Why should I be the one to go get the brush? This whole thing was your dumb idea!!..You go get it mom." #%@^$%*!! Grrrr!!! So I trudged my way into the bathroom, came back with the stuff and worked really hard on her hair. She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I peeked in and her face was stone cold, no smile, NOTHING! I sighed drank half a bottle of Nyquil and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and was getting ready for the day. When I went to open my makeup drawer there was this note that said "Thanks mom" inside, and on the back was this picture. My heart melted and I was more happy then I was the day she was born. Babies are sweet and cute but its different when they start to communicate and you can see the person they are becoming... I think she will turn out to be an amazing, talented, well read, loving girl. That being said I do pray for the man she marries already. I hope he aces his debate class in college.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No training wheels

We did it... our last kid can ride a bike. No training wheels !!!!. So proud of him. Our girls were for sure more girly then our boys to the tune of three extra years to learn but who's counting? The first week of summer break is turning out to be pretty cool. Heres to hoping for more fun. Link----->

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The lake,the lake, the lake!

Yup we go to the lake but I like to take pics every year and see how the kids have changed when I compare them to last year.

Spelling Bee and Multiplication Bee

Dallin participated in the school spelling bee and multiplication bee. He just came home one night and was like tomorrow is the multiplication bee and you can come watch me if you want. Wha???? Its crazy when he just jumps into things with no pushing or convincing from our end of things. There are tons of moms out there demanding that their kids get into gifted and talented programs and doing their child's science project so they can win, or they start teaching their kids to read at 3-4 years bragging about how smart their kid is. All of that over the top competative parenting doesn't really make a difference. Most teachers tell me that once they get into school the student will just excel at what they are best at ON THEIR OWN. If they are smart then they are, and no amount of over parenting can change that. I was so nervous for him. Watching him was painful and hard for me. I was worried if he failed it would shatter his self esteem. But it didnt! I can't imagine standing up there and being questioned in front of all your peers. But he was confident and did his best. He did really really well in the multiplication bee just busting out answers as fast as the problem was given to him. The spelling be he was anxious and jumped the gun on the word they gave him. It was except but he spelled accept quickly before they put it in a sentence. :( It eliminated him. He worked really hard to memorize all the words and if you quized him at home he could spell every single one. I am so impressed with him wanting to even try.... and bless his heart its hard to preform under that much pressure. And like I said he just did it without us asking him to or suggesting it to him. Cool Kid!!

Weeks kids art show!

At the end of the school year Teachers send home pretty much everything your kid made the whole entire year. It is tons of paper and all I can think is no wonder the rain forest is in jeopardy. I picked out some of my favorite art work that each of the kids did this year for memories. Now I can throw it all away. Look lower and enjoy :)