Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Care Bear

Olivia is potty training. Its swim season and the last thing I need is a foreign object floating in the pool and those swim diapers are expensive if you consider that we go swimming up to three times a day. I follow this book called "How to potty train in less than a day" it does really work but I don't follow it perfectly so it takes about a week. But after that they don't even wet the bed and your good to go. She has done really well so far no accidents and only one wet bed. The book recommends they wear just panties and ones that are little big at that till the get the hang of it. So here is a pic of her all proud of her progress. She loves care bears so much and I think its so funny cause she looks just like a care bear to me and her personality is very much like a care bear.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dancing for popsicles

My sister gave me the gift of a full years worth of maid service and its the best gift I could have ever asked for. When people talk about how Jesus Christ died for our sins so we can make it through till the end. Its such an overwhelming feeling of freedom and happiness. I can honestly say thats exactly how I felt when I heard some one else was going to mop my floors for me. However the lady got kind of flaky and I canceled her and have to find some one new.
Needless to say I have gone back to being stressed to the max about things that can cause me to have to mop. We had seeded the back yard for the summer grass and the kids were wanting popsicles but they couldn't walk on the grass just yet and the rule is they have to eat them outside. I could just picture the mess
After asking me several times I told them they could have just one but they would have to dance for it. You would think they havnt had one in years the way they were dancing. I was entertained and had them go for a real long time hoping they would just give up and I could avoid getting on my hands and knees with a wash wrag to follow a trail of blue drips down the hall. But these video clips will show how determined they were. I didnt start filming till it had already been 25 min into them dancing. You can tell they are slowing down and getting tired. But they never once gave up hope or had a fit that it was taking so long.
(I know, I know I really need to grow up!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Enchanted Island

Uncle Phil came to town and since his daughter Savannah and Olivia have the same birthday we decided to make a fun day of it and go to this amusement park for little kids. Although the adults were pooped the kids had so much fun. Especially Olivia. Happy birthday cute girl!

Aunt Net's Gift

Because Annette couldn't come for Olivia's birthday I am putting these little video clips of the gift she got her so she could see her reaction. She sent money to pay for the celebration part and buy her a gift. I wish I had an Aunt like her as a kid.

Having a bad day???

Are you having a bad day?
Check out this picture my husband took of me at the park.
Not so bad anymore huh.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Camping without Mom

Andrew had the week off. It has been the only time off he has had in a long time. And he wanted to go camping. So he checked out some spots on the web and then called and reserved one. I was in one of my famous moods so I threw a huge fit about how much work it is for me to pack and get ready. Being an educated man he decided to pack everything and get all that we need ready and loaded by himself while I watched my DVR recordings of Oprah and American Idol. That way I couldnt possibly be upset right? So then I had a HISSY FIT over the fact that he went to the store and got everything ready without me. If you were to ask my family though they might say --hissy fit-- is a massive understatement. But thats just too bad cause I am the blogger here so I get to tell the story from my perspective. Any way I refused to go thinking my husband would sweep me up in his arms and lay me down on my bed, give me a foot massage then paint my toe nails an adorable pink and I could forgive him. Being an accountant he choose not to loose the $30 on the reservation and went ahead and took the kids without me. Please note as well that none of the kids choose to side with me and stay home standing up to the injustice that I had to endure.
Bottom line---they had a miserable time without me as the pictures will show and the camping spot was a complete dive. In the end I win every time and don't you ever ever forget it!