Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Very Worried

On the 23rd Andrew got tickets from his work to the NFL Cardinals game. They were such nice seats it seemed like a bummer to not go. We had been to a NBA Suns game earlier in the month and I took the new baby because i was worried. He was upset and overwhelmed with all the noise. Andrew and I agreed since it would be outside and very cold ect... we would go to the second part of the game and get a babysitter. When we got home the baby was sleeping so peacefully in his crib that i left him there and payed the sitter then went about my buisness getting ready for Christmas. When he woke up to eat i fed him and was shocked at how huge the side and back of his head were. Andrew and i both noticed it was huge! Then Dallin came out and told us the babysitter had dropped him on his head. We have tile floors. She told the kids not to tell cause it was an accident. He said he wanted to hold the baby and make him feel better cause he was crying so hard but she put him in his crib and said he needed to settle down on his own.
I ran to the emergancy room and spent the night there. Because I didnt know the details of how far he fell and if he threw up after and when it happened they had to do a cat scan to see exactly what it could have been. Cat scans I was told are not the best option for babies so little but we needed to make sure there was no brain damage. It came back that he had a pretty hard fall. It couldnt have been that he rolled off the couch or a bed it would have been from a high place like if she was holding him or if he was hit very hard across the head. They said i could stay in the ER and just hold him and wait to see if the swelling goes down or go home and come back every 12 hours to check the progess of the swelling. Because it was chritmas eve day ect.. i went home. The swelling hasnt gotten worse. Which is good and they are pretty sure there is no brain damage. Its very soft where he hit and his head is still very ugly. He was not allowed to eat for a while and now he can only have clear liquids. Social Services has to file a report to rule out child abuse. We went over to the babysitters house and talked with her and her parents. She never came out right and admitted she dropped him or would tell us what happened. She is 17 and loves kids she babysitts for a ton of people in our neighborhood. And more than anything I am sure she is very very scared and embarrassed. I am not mad at all. Andrew blames himself cause i didnt want to leave the baby and he and I got in an argument over it ending in me deciding to give up. I dont blame any one I know accidents happen. I wish she would have called us of her mom when it did happen. One in four babies die within the first 12 hours. And a high percentage are blind or have permanent brain damage. He wasnt responding to the doctors when they checked his reflexes but he is now. He is in some pain and very sluggish. For the most part he lays on my chest with his eyes open looking around and he doesnt want to be put down.
He will follow up with the pediatrician a couple times this week and we will keep everyone posted.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I went to Big O tire the other day to get my oil changed and these ladies asked Addie if she was ready for Christmas. She told them that we cant have Christmas yet cause there is no snow. And Dallin has been wanting to make a snow man so bad so we decided to head north a couple of hours to Flagstaff and play in the snow. Usually we talk our selfs out of doing fun stuff cause taking 4 kids any where is crazy and you want to kill them by the time all is said and done. But we packed up and headed out. As soon as Addie saw the snow she said Yeah its Christmas eve! And we all got so excited we couldnt wait. It ended up being so much fun and nothing went wrong. The sledding was sooo much fun and we made a tiny cute snow man. I forgot the carrot and scarf and hat i had planned to pack but I am never good at remembering all that stuff any way. On the way home the kids passed out which just completed a perfect day.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Family Picture

Usually i am always taking the pictures and if its notme then its my hubby so we have no pics of the whole family togther. My sister came to town for addie's dance concert so i thought we could try to have her take one. This picture is the best of several. I am glad we dont go to a professional cause I would be so embarrased at how my kids wont cooperate. I am well aware though that we are dealing with very difficult age ranges so i am very happy with this picture. Enjoy!

Derek Landon Weeks

Our little baby boy is growing very fast. He is now 11lbs and going strong. He has way more personality then some of my other babies because he has other siblings dancing for him and singing him songs and wanting him to watch their favorite movie with them. With my first (dallin) I would stress out so much when he was awake. I worried about him gettin enough stimulation. I would do flash cards and baby einstein movies and read him books. With this baby i have no worries.
He will greatly miss the christmas tree though. I put his swing in front of it and he loves the lights.


Addie had a dance recital on the 8th. She did a tap dance to frosty the snow man. It was really cute. She wasnt perfect but thats what makes it so cute. All the little girls were out of sink and all clumsy. She was so proud of herself and was sooooo excited that dad was watching in the audience. Her sister would practice with her at home and does the whole dance by herself its real cute. We ordered pizza and cinamon sticks for her and then Andrew and i headed off to the PWC party. We had just enough time to eat dinner and dessert then head back home to feed the baby. Any way it was a fun night for all of us. Her last dance class is this monday and they are having a little party. I am still not sure if i will sign her up this next season cause it was crazy trying ot get her there with the new baby and my 18 month old who wont hold still to get dressed.
I will keep every one posted though.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Last year for Christmas the kids got so many presents that they didnt really seem to care about half of them. In fact some of them they havnt even played with once. Now that I have as many kids as some small daycares I cant seem to get out very often to the park without it being feeding time for the baby or nap time for Olivia. So we wanted to use all the money family members send for something better and that will get used more than all those toys. We decided to get a rainbow playset. We tried to keep it in parts on our rv pad and hide it but the kids found it in no time so we set it up early. They love it! and we are so thankful to the family members that gave money for christmas this year that went towards buying it.
We reseeded the grass and the areas that we put fertalized dirt down grew well and the others didnt . Next year for sure we will use the dirt every where.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tiny Dancer

Addie is in Ballet,Tap, and tumbleing this year and I love it. She has always been very difficult and i thought she would never behave and do what the teacher wanted. Especially since Dallin had such a hard time at this age when we put him in soccer and he was a perfect child. But it was crazy she went right in and did everything. She loved it from day one and now she comes home and does her dancing with her sister and loves to play music and dance around all day. It has been so nice for me to find something to give her a positive additude.
She has a concert on December 8th. She will be doing a tap dance to frosty the snowman and her costume is suppose to make her look like a snowflake. Its so cute. I think its just as much fun for me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 1st

So on Halloween night we went into the hospital at 4 am. The next day at 3pm our new baby boy was born. We named him Derek Landon Weeks. He was an even 7lbs and 18 inches long. I am still tired from the delivery let alone ready for waking up for all the feedings. But it was real easy when it came to him latching on so that is one less stress right now. I am honestly going to be out of it for a few months.
Wish me luck.


Halloween was fun for the family this year. The weekend before we went to a Monster Bash put on by the city. It had fun jumpers, arts and crafts, tatoos, and the highlight was they went trick or treating from one hot air balloon to the next.
Dallin was Optimus Prime the transformer, Adelaide was a cowgirl riding a horse but if she got tired of the costume then she was just a plain cowgirl, and Olivia was a baby zebra.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures from this summer

My first time "blogging"

Ok so I just got done talking to Laura and I guess I am the only person who doesnt blog. So I figured I would give it a try.

We are currently expecting our fourth baby very soon. He isnt due till Late Nov early Dec but I have been going into pre term labor and have been in the hospital taking some heavy medication. I feel like I could go to AA meetings after this. Dallin is in Kindergarten now and doing well. I had him riding the bus but some kid was being a bully to him and the other young kids so I am now taking him to school. Its not as easy but I dont have time to teach him how to throw a proper punch right now, so it is what it is. Addie is in tap, ballet, and tumbling. It keeps her busy cause she misses the cut off date for preschool so she needs some thing. My little one Olivia is very low to the ground. She has a different body type then her other siblings. And boy does she have some junk in the trunk. She is very busy copy cating her sister and hating wearing barrets in her hair. Who knows she might be a tom boy. She was born deaf and has had surgery on her ears. Right now is the time for her to start talking so we will see how it has affected her speach and if she is delayed soon. She wont be deaf but we will have to constantly keep seeing doctors to make sure its all working.

I dont have very recent pics the ones i do have are a couple months old but I will work on doing something more recent.
Wish me luck with this whole bloging thing.