Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Very Worried

On the 23rd Andrew got tickets from his work to the NFL Cardinals game. They were such nice seats it seemed like a bummer to not go. We had been to a NBA Suns game earlier in the month and I took the new baby because i was worried. He was upset and overwhelmed with all the noise. Andrew and I agreed since it would be outside and very cold ect... we would go to the second part of the game and get a babysitter. When we got home the baby was sleeping so peacefully in his crib that i left him there and payed the sitter then went about my buisness getting ready for Christmas. When he woke up to eat i fed him and was shocked at how huge the side and back of his head were. Andrew and i both noticed it was huge! Then Dallin came out and told us the babysitter had dropped him on his head. We have tile floors. She told the kids not to tell cause it was an accident. He said he wanted to hold the baby and make him feel better cause he was crying so hard but she put him in his crib and said he needed to settle down on his own.
I ran to the emergancy room and spent the night there. Because I didnt know the details of how far he fell and if he threw up after and when it happened they had to do a cat scan to see exactly what it could have been. Cat scans I was told are not the best option for babies so little but we needed to make sure there was no brain damage. It came back that he had a pretty hard fall. It couldnt have been that he rolled off the couch or a bed it would have been from a high place like if she was holding him or if he was hit very hard across the head. They said i could stay in the ER and just hold him and wait to see if the swelling goes down or go home and come back every 12 hours to check the progess of the swelling. Because it was chritmas eve day ect.. i went home. The swelling hasnt gotten worse. Which is good and they are pretty sure there is no brain damage. Its very soft where he hit and his head is still very ugly. He was not allowed to eat for a while and now he can only have clear liquids. Social Services has to file a report to rule out child abuse. We went over to the babysitters house and talked with her and her parents. She never came out right and admitted she dropped him or would tell us what happened. She is 17 and loves kids she babysitts for a ton of people in our neighborhood. And more than anything I am sure she is very very scared and embarrassed. I am not mad at all. Andrew blames himself cause i didnt want to leave the baby and he and I got in an argument over it ending in me deciding to give up. I dont blame any one I know accidents happen. I wish she would have called us of her mom when it did happen. One in four babies die within the first 12 hours. And a high percentage are blind or have permanent brain damage. He wasnt responding to the doctors when they checked his reflexes but he is now. He is in some pain and very sluggish. For the most part he lays on my chest with his eyes open looking around and he doesnt want to be put down.
He will follow up with the pediatrician a couple times this week and we will keep everyone posted.

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