Monday, May 30, 2011

Mothers Day

Oooops I forgot to post for mothers day. I don't know why but this year the kids didn't bring home much from school. Usually they make something really cute and creative and bring it home to me. I guess with budget cuts this year teachers didn't feel like doing much and were slacking BIG TIME! O well. The kids still pulled through. They got together with Andrew and decided to make me breakfast. I was already awake and had to wait in my room forever. Oh my gosh I must be ADD (attention deficit disorder) cause I was so bored and every second felt like a life time. Plus I could hear the kids fighting and could smell things burning so I was dying to go downstairs and help. But everything turned out ok and it was yummy. The kids were so hungry they ate half of it. But no worries. I hate Mothers Day cause I feel like a bad mom most of the time and I don't want praise or recognition for things I would do come hell or high water. My kids are smart and talented and I really feel like it has nothing to do with me. Sure I can take Addie to piano practice but she is the one playing and learning. Every time I go to one of Dallin's practices I see where he has gotten better at sports and that all him too. Olivia is really funny. I do encourage fun times but at her age she is busting out some hilarious jokes that not even Jerry Seinfeld's kids could think of. And of course Derek still has a knack for finding dangerous situations and I for sure didn't encourage that behavior. (my new goal for his life expectancy is 6 yrs old) Plus my kids have made me grow and be responsible. I am friendly and smile at people I HATE! and don't have road rage and drive careful so I don't embarrass them any more than I have to. Overall its kind of a lame holiday. Not something I look forward to. I couldn't justify a big purchase on behalf of myself for such and occasion so I shared my breakfast in bed and secretly thanked god for my chubby little babies.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The beach a week later

True story. So we drive down to Corpus and we get to the beach and every one is beyond excited and we set up and start acting all dumb like we havn't seen the ocean in years and Dallin dives in and the baby start jumping in the waves and the next thing I know Dallin comes over to me and tells me his arm hurts and its all red and I am freakin out cause I think he got stung by a jelly fish but he is so calm and normal I am not sure. A couple of min later Derek starts screaming like he had his arm amputated and I know for sure he got stung. I try to act like I am busy helping by running to the car and realize I have no idea why I went to the car. So to make myself look helpful while andrew holds Derek I grab an empty cup out of the cup holder and run back to them. I tell Andrew we have to pee on it and every one gives me look but duh! every one knows you have to pee on it. So I have Dallin hold up a towel and I pull the crotch of my swim bottoms to the side and fill up the cup (that I now have from going to the that worked in my favor). With in seconds of me pouring the urine on Derek's arm he stops crying and calms down. Dallin walks over and taps my shoulder and says his arm still hurts can I pee for him. No worries! I whip it out again and preform like a champ. And I would do the same for you! Andrew went out in the water and said it was full of jelly fish. Other people on the beach said they all had the same problem. I guess its jelly fish season or something cause we were just at this same beach a week ago. Andrew had fun catching them. I have a pic of one he caught. Even after they are dead they can still sting you. We found that out when I had to pee for a complete stranger later on (kidding). Stay Hydrated people cause you never know when your urine will come in handy. Lucky for all these people mine smells like strawberries snap!

see how stressed they are that I made them stand near the water to take a pic.

What to do on land?

After all the initial drama we moved further down but....NO ONE was willing to get in the water and swim. I will admit I was scurrred too. So the kids caught crabs and made sand castles. In each of those shells you see is a frightened worried crab that wont come out but my kids named them and played house any way.

Fountains :)

We were driving back from the beach itchy and loaded with sand when we saw these public fountains that you coudl swim in and thought BONUS! So we joined all the mexicans that were swimming in their clothes and fit right in. It was a major score cause no one swam at the beach and we were all hot and sticky.

Ducks vs Turtles

After we got back from the beach and cooled off and had dinner Becka took us to feed the ducks and it was really cool cause a whole bunch of turtles swam over and were fighting for the bread as well. It made the kids go wild and they naturally wanted to catch one. I have never seen that many turtles before. Pretty cool.


Best water park known to man! Seriuosly blows all other water parks out of the water. The one on South Padre Island is my favorite cause they planned it out perfectly. All the big cool rides shoot of of the lazy river that takes you around to each ride and you wait in line in water under shade just chillin in your float. Most water parks have you stand in line for a LONG time staring at fat butts and beer gutts while your legs ache and you cant tell if the lady in front of you is peeing on the pavement or just dripping extra water from her swim bottoms. None of that here folks. Best Idea ever! We only took the older two cause its so hard to have one parent on lock down at the splash park with the little ones while the older ones are totally riding and having fun. It was a great day of major fun water rides and rapids.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heads will Roll---After I am done laughing :/

Long hot day at Dallin's baseball games and I stop at Whataburger to order them some lunch. I tell them to "SIT STILL and DON'T TOUCH EACH OTHER!!" And this is what I come back to. So mad!

Beach to Bay Run

Last year I ran the beach to bay marathon relay with all my friends. Its to support our troops and people in Texas love their soldiers so its crazy crazy chalk full of people. It was so crazy last year I thought I would never do it again but I agreed to this time cause we organized it a little better. The idea is leg one would run all the way to leg 4 and get the car keys of leg 4 and drive to the end of the race to meet leg 4,5, and 6 who will all have run together. It keeps it simple cause it was hard when one person would stop at the end of their leg 4 miles away from the rest of us and try to find each other at the end. It worked out great but it meant I had to run a half marathon. No worries I had a fun time and don't mind running that far. My little sis lives down in Corpus so I went a day early and we did soem fun stuff. I only have pics of the kids cause I don't run with a phone or camera or anything I hate accessories. The first day we went to the mall and the kids got to ride this train all the way through the mall they loved it! And then we played and had cookies and pizza. Then we called it a night and I raced and we started the fun as soon as I got home. Read on for more pics :)

beach to bay-Aquarium

Corpus has a really well done aquarium. Love it! Its one of the best out there. They added a new Dolphin show and you can touch sting rays and hold star fish. Now they have a new kids splash park. Major benefit of living in Texas. Kids love fish!

beach to bay - day at the beach

Sand and kids is a big big mess let me just say that but soooo worth it.

Field Day

I went to visit Addie and Dallin for field Day at their school. It was fun to see them so excited about all the activities. They had free snow cones and popcorn. What more can I say ?

Addie's Soccer Party

Another end of season party. I feel like there is so much to do at the end of the school year. It was simple at a park. The kids played and had cake and got medals. She had a good time playing soccer so we shall see if she does it next year.

Baseball End of season pool party

Dallin's baseball team had a fun pool party to celebrate the season. He was nominated for Allstars so it wasn't much of a celebration for me... we still have one more month of crazy busy baseball stuff. It was so nice of Michael's grandma to throw it cause we didn't have to bring or do anything! My kind of party. The water was cold so I didn't get in. I don't do cold water people. Make fun of me all you want. I still have fun watching.