Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beach to Bay Run

Last year I ran the beach to bay marathon relay with all my friends. Its to support our troops and people in Texas love their soldiers so its crazy crazy chalk full of people. It was so crazy last year I thought I would never do it again but I agreed to this time cause we organized it a little better. The idea is leg one would run all the way to leg 4 and get the car keys of leg 4 and drive to the end of the race to meet leg 4,5, and 6 who will all have run together. It keeps it simple cause it was hard when one person would stop at the end of their leg 4 miles away from the rest of us and try to find each other at the end. It worked out great but it meant I had to run a half marathon. No worries I had a fun time and don't mind running that far. My little sis lives down in Corpus so I went a day early and we did soem fun stuff. I only have pics of the kids cause I don't run with a phone or camera or anything I hate accessories. The first day we went to the mall and the kids got to ride this train all the way through the mall they loved it! And then we played and had cookies and pizza. Then we called it a night and I raced and we started the fun as soon as I got home. Read on for more pics :)

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