Saturday, May 28, 2011


Best water park known to man! Seriuosly blows all other water parks out of the water. The one on South Padre Island is my favorite cause they planned it out perfectly. All the big cool rides shoot of of the lazy river that takes you around to each ride and you wait in line in water under shade just chillin in your float. Most water parks have you stand in line for a LONG time staring at fat butts and beer gutts while your legs ache and you cant tell if the lady in front of you is peeing on the pavement or just dripping extra water from her swim bottoms. None of that here folks. Best Idea ever! We only took the older two cause its so hard to have one parent on lock down at the splash park with the little ones while the older ones are totally riding and having fun. It was a great day of major fun water rides and rapids.

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