Saturday, January 30, 2016

Disney Cruise 2015

Christmas 2015

This year was over the top amazing. Andrew won some bonus money at work for being a really hard worker and he spent every dime of it on the kids. We try not to spoil them but some time we are like, why no? It makes all the hard days at work seem worth while. (maybe next year we will give them nothing to make up for it) We started off with our usual traditions, singing, and ginger bread house making. The kids came up with new fun ways to add to the songs and stayed positive when the ginger bread houses fell apart. We went on a Disney Cruise with Annette and had the best time! They even got to watch the new Star Wars movie on the ship which was a big deal cause they have been tripping over this movie for over a year now. They got the coolest BB8 robots from Annette and money to spend on the ship. Its one of those pinch yourself moments cause I felt so lucky to be with my kids and sister making memories. When we got back it was 7 days till Christmas and we just enjoyed the time off. The kids were over the moon with everything their dad had gotten them. I hope they understand and appreciate how much they have been afforded because of their fathers hard work. It will be a Christmas to remember thats for sure.

Halloween 2105

As always we had fun handing out candy on the front porch with all the Halloween decor we have managed to accumulate over the years. We played around with some make up last minute and Derek and Andrew had these cool skeleton faces. Scared a ton of little kids. Ate homemade chilli and the kids got to go trick or treating with their friends. Couldn't ask for more. My favorite was the Elsa pumpkin Addi carved. She has to be the most fascinating child I could ever parent. She does these amazing things and then I try to act like its no big deal but inside I am totally geeking out that she belongs to me.

Football 2015

Dallin played football for the middle school 7th grade A team this year. Very different from playing pop warner. He did really really well. We loved watching him play. He is extremely talented and has a lot of potential as an athlete. I hate bragging about my boys. So its hard to know what to say here. My dad was very impressed with him and how he played. These next few years are going to be big as he figures out if he wants to play in college. I really hope he keeps a strong work ethic, stays humble, and keeps playing this way. If he does the sky is the limit. Derek played Pop Warner this year as well and I cant say enough about his positive attitude and willingness to learn. He is a very fast and has a lot of raw talent. Cant wait to watch him grow into the sport. Right now I have to admit its just too adorable to take it too serious. Their little heads bobble back and forth as they struggle to keep their head up with the weight of the helmets. Most of the tackles come from getting tripped or just being to top heavy to run very far. Its the best part of being a parent watching my boys learn how to play sports. They gain so much character and determination through the whole process. I love football.