Friday, May 30, 2008

Bye Bye Birdys

A month ago I went outside to take my kids for a walk and this bird came flying out of my flower pot and went nutty. She was flying around up in my entry area so fast that she would fly up hit the ceiling, loose a few feathers, then fly back and forth, run into the wall, hit the wall so hard she fell to the ground half unconscious and then would fly up again and do the whole thing over. Freak me out.! The funny thing was that my kids were on the ground pretty much doing the same thing the bird was. They were so scared. For weeks they would not go out the front door.
Come to find out she had laid her eggs in my flower pot. I called these bird people in the phone book and they said she would more than likely attack any one that comes near her nest and if the babies hatch and she smells a human scent on them she will kill them. I need my kids witnessing mass murder like I need a hole in the head. So I said well come on out and move her nest and they told me it would be $150 at least. Are you kidding me. I havnt bought a cute pair of pajamas in years and I am suppose to spend this much money on some dumb bird. I felt so bad having to kill the babies. At the same time I didnt want people to come to my door and get attacked. I have a video clip of her flying out of the pot. Imagine if you come to my front door and this bird comes flying out like that. Cant have it folks. So I disposed of the eggs while she was out. Problem solved. Now a month later like a slut she is back and working on her second family. Damnit! All you animal rights activist out there can make voodoo dolls named Camille and stick pins in it. Or have a funeral for the little ones at home and you can even name them if you would like. Truth be told I am backed up on laundry and spend so much time counting calories to loose baby weight I cant deal with this. Say bye bye to the birdys. The eggs are going in the trash tonight. If she comes back again its war!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Dallin graduated today from Kindergarten. He was so excited and couldn't wait to show me all the songs he had learned to sing for the ceremony. Andrew is still out of town and I know would have loved to go but he wasnt missing much. They combined five classes and the place was packed I could barely see him and hello could my camera use some zoom. It was fun and cute and every one was crying but I was like keep it rolling people I have 3 more of these before I am happy.

He wants to be a firefighter

This is the part where the teacher would have them stand up and then she would tell the audience what they want to be when they grow up. His was pretty normal some of the girls wanted to be a Mermaid or Hanna Montana. Some boys wanted to be Ninjas one kid wanted to be a Walmart employee. (hey they have great benefits)

Counting by 10s

This is another song they sung and it was counting by 10s all the way to 100.
I asked him in the car on the way home to sing the "thank you parents song" again cause I didnt really get to hear what they were saying.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nail Polish Mystery

This afternoon Addie asked me to touch up her nails because when she was swimming some of the nail polish got scratched off. I told her no because I had a poopy diaper to change and dinner to make and she would just have to wait. Then I find the nail polish bottle with pink stuff all over the lid and so I asked if any one knew who got into the nail polish. All three kids could tell I was very upset an they looked overwhelmed hoping that they could help me catch the bandit. Addie was the most helpful. She took me through where it was last and then we walked to where I had found it and then she said "it looks like Olivia did it". I thanked her for the help and then asked Olivia if she did it. She looked clueless and was in despair cause she thought it might mean an early bed time for her and Addie assured me that early bed time plus a time out would be a good enough punishment cause she is "just a baby" after all. I dug deep and still didnt feel strongly enough that Olivia had done it. So I beg all of you to help me solve this mystery. I have no idea who could have done such a fowl act and I desperately need to discipline the right culprit. Above are pictures of the two accused on the left is a picture of Addies hands and on the right are Olivia's I am simply stumped.

Andrew's Sweetheart

Any one that knows my hubby well knows he adores his pool a crazy amount. He love love loves it. Its his pride an joy. He loves us more when we are in it and enjoying it as much as him. He goes outside at night and watches her sleep. He wakes up in the morning and opens the curtains and stares at her with lustful eyes before he leaves for work. I am sure most of you are like oh that Camille she is always trying to be so funny he likes it but not that much. I assure you folks this is not one of my stand up comedy routines. I have had moments where I have wanted to turn him into the bishop for an extra marital affair with this pool. But due to the fact that I am tired and not in the mood to put makeup on most days I am fine with the love affair for now and I kind of encourage it. So these pics are for you babe cause I know you miss her so much.
(I included pics of the yard to give you an idea of the before and after)
When we first bought the house this is what the yard looked like it has come such a long way in a couple of years.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Derek has the best laugh

I love that Derek is happy most all the time. He loves to laugh and almost any one can get him to laugh. But its so peculiar how he does it. Its like he starts the laugh and it sounds like any normal baby but then he holds it out for a long time. Its just funny who knows what his personality will be like in the future but right now I love how he adds his little bit of Koo Koo to our family bowl of cocoa puffs. Addie still pretends to be a horse. The other day I was making the beds in the morning and she told me that the horse wanted to help so she proceded to push the trundle bed back under with her head just like a horse would. I couldn't believe it. I usually put my back against the wall and shove with my legs its that hard to push in. Dallin plays baseball and any thing else outside with his swim goggles on he never takes them off he really likes them I guess? And Olivia skips literally every where she goes. She never has a normal walking stride. She is always skipping (even into time out). And now we have a weird little giggler.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Andrew is out of town again.

I have to blog again cause Andrew went out of town and its our way of keeping in touch. He works such long hours and has so much on his plate that when you factor in the different time zone there is no point in trying to call him. I am still not even really sure where he went but it very far on the east coast.
It seems like when the weather starts to warm up no one blogs as much. But I will be here doing my duty.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Andrew accidentally put my panties on Liv

Men Men Men never pay attention. I guess he thought these were Olivia's but clearly their too big right. I swear I have been looking for that pair for days.
I am totally kidding obviously I couldn't fit one leg into them as chubby as I Have become after having 4 kids back to back. But it made me laugh when he noticed how big they were and he asked if they were mine. I laughed hysterically and he chuckled with me and said "seriously though are they yours?" I swear on my life the look on his face --- he honestly was not sure.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look Alike thing

My friend Heather Riddle had this on her blog and its so cool cause how many times does ones mother in law come in and say that the new baby looks just like her or the husband or whatever. So it finally settles the debate. I did it for the other three kids and Dallin looked more like me by 37% what a pimp. Addie looks more like Andrew by 4% which my guess is cause her and I have a hard time getting along and it often manifests itself in other ways. Then Derek looks more like me by 12%. What can I say my kids are super cute. And there is most likely a reason for that.

Weeks Look-alike Meter

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