Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Decorating due to boredum

I am still pretty bored at times despite the fact that I have 4 kids and they are in extra cericular activities and I have a two year old that seems to loose his pants every five min. So I have been doing some more painting. And with that came new bedding (don't ask me why it just has to be that way) Any way I changed Addie and Olivia's rooms to give me some thing to do. I love the outcome and I hope my little sister loves it enough too that she will invite me to come down and help her with her baby's room. I think its so much fun!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Football Game Fun

I swear the only time I notice my kids need a hair cut is when I am downloading pictures of them and take the time to look at their hair. Side note- the only time I notice when they need their nails clipped is when they draw blood from their siblings.....hmmmmm

Just juuuust one time could some one take a decent shot of me?? huh?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mrs. Addie turns 6

Addie turned 6 this past weekend and had sooo much fun. She got a build a bear party and all the girls loved picking out their bears little outfit. I am honestly amazed at how cute the little bear clothes are there. Its almost as fun as shopping for yourself (almost). After that we took all the girls out to a restaurant and got them each a yummy dessert. On Monday we had her Chuck E Cheese family party. She got everything she asked for by way of presents and some more cute clothes for school and an adorable flower cupcake from aunt Becka. She is loving kindergarten and making friends this year as well as piano lessons and dance class. Happy Birthday cute girl!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy Part 2

This is really funny because I feel like I just got done blogging about the toothfairy and yet Miss Adelaide has lost yet ANOTHER tooth. Plus there is another one loose and will be out any day now. She had the funniest conversation with Dallin the other day in the car on the way to school. She asked how Dallin was even sure if the tooth fairy was real. He reassured her that he had the same feeling that some thing was up. But he told her "Don't worry Addie.... I am going to ask Santa for a microscope for Christmas. And once I get it I will take the money and coupons the tooth fairy left under our pillow and check to see if there are tiny hand prints from the tooth fairy on them or if there are our parents giant finger prints on there." She still looked worried but he gave her a hug and told her he will have it all solved soon. I was trying so hard to keep a straight face. I guess we will just have to see if Santa follows through on bringing him a microscope this year.

How cute can rain possibly get?

It rains allot here and I have wanted to get the kids rain boots for a long time. I hate it when they come home from school and I have rows of soggy stinky shoes drying out in my laundry room. So when hurricane Hermine brought us three days of sraight rain I went out and got what was needed. That meant my kids wanted to go outside and find puddles to splash in. It totally makes me want a pair of rain boots and cute umbrella.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day

This is what we did on labor day. Nuff said. I literally make my family get dressed up and play along with whatever I can come up with for them to do so people can read our blog and think wow they are having waaaay more fun with life than we are. And also for when my kids come back at me when they are grown and say ""we never did anything fun". I can be like look here I let you hold the hose while we washed the car. You ungrateful little ******.

Kick Off Football Season

Dallin is the kid on the bench with his helmet still on. This is the only picture I got. Its not good but hey at least I still blog people!! Half of you have not blogged in months. (kidding) (sort of)

Dallin played this last weekend in Houston. We went with a new league this year and it has not payed off so far. Its totally rediculous that they can't catch a local game considering how much they charge but tis whatever we will ride it out and make the best of it. The good news is my parents live in Houston now so we wen't back to their new apartment and swam at their pool. The kids loved it and it was nice to cool off after being in the sun for so long.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parenting 101

Addie lost her first tooth. I want this to be a lesson for my little sis and others on how important it is to plan ahead. I remember nursing and thinking I have plenty of time to think about what they will get when they loose a tooth from the tooth fairy and just soaking up how cute my babies chubby fingers were. A couple days later I get knocked up side the head with a ton of bricks cause that baby now has lost his tooth. The first time we were so excited his aunt, grandparents and us shelled out cash like Donald Trump only to realize when he lost his second tooth like 8 hours later that we all couldn't afford this lifestyle and maybe he just gets a toy. 2 hours after that around midnight I am exhausted and he looses his third tooth so the idea of going to the store fades into a coupon for a toy from the tooth fairy that can be redeemed when I have more free time. (i am being kind of dramatic with the timing of all this to make a point) (if you didn't catch onto that already well then this is going to be a rough life for you). The only problem with the coupon idea is home boy handed it to the cashier like it was cash and the look of confusion on this pimple faced teenager was priceless. And now child number two lost her tooth but we didn't make copies of the coupon we originally used with Dallin so consistency is out the window. I wish my kids were smarter and have picked up on how inconsistent this whole process has been and announce they know the tooth fairy doesn't exist so I can bag this whole charade but no luck there. Parenting tip for all you beginners is plan what you will do regarding the tooth fairy as soon as you pee on the stick and it comes back positive!! They will loose their teeth at the most inoppurtune times and suck all the fun out of it if you don't have your A game on.