Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Red Ribbon Week

This year I went all out for Red Ribbon week. The kids are in a new school with the move and I want them to make new good memories. Monday was hippie day. So I made tye dye shirts. Tuesday was nerd day. Wed wear Red. Thursday was twin day (no picture). I let the girls go buy matching outfits for them and their best friend at school. Expensive yes, but I won major brownie points with that one. Then Friday was Pajama day (no picture-hey im not perfect).

I tried!!

I remember wanting so badly NOT to have little d on Halloween night. I kept thinking his birthday would always be over shadowed by Halloween. In the hospital I was releived when he arrived the very next day on Nov 1st, thinking "man we really dodged a bullet there." That must have been the epidural talking cause his birthday is pretty much really close to Halloween. No need to worry I am mentally stable now, so when he said he wanted a Halloween party I just rolled with it. In fact I cut costs by using our Halloween decor and just having during his preschool group instead of sending out invites etc. You can tell he is my last cause my patience kow during the whole party. One little girl started crying when she got out during muscial chairs. Um... get a grip we are playing multiple times and every one gets a prize. So I told her to go inside and cry so I didn't have to hear it. Some parents (mormon yuppy moms) need to teach their kids how to roll out. NOt to mention pumkin carving with that many kids about did me in. Granted I didn't do it with them Andrew did...but it still was about all I could handle. I am so sick of birthday parties. Good thing I have a year till I have to throw another one eh?

Olivia Lost her other tooth

Now I have two kids without front teeth! Olivia's right front tooth hung in there for a long long time. It was so annoying too cause I was hanging by a thread, just dangling there in the front of her mouth for over a month. I have so many bad memories of my dad trying to pull out my teeth when they were loose that I can't stand the thought of even tugging on one of my kids teeth to get it out. Even when she came to me with a bloody mouth cause her tooth started bleeding while she was chewing a sanwhich. I still wouldn't touch it. Right now just thinking about it gives me goose bumps and makes me nauseous-My dad would even threaten to use needle nose plyers to pull our teeth. Major psychological issues come from my teeth memories my dear friends. She made the cutest little letter for the tooth fairy. And folks this time (write this in all the record books) This time! The tooth fairy came on time no problems no glitches. BooYah!