Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Andrew loves to play hide and go seek with the kids. Who ever is "it" usually counts to about 18 (don't ask me why) and then its time to go seek out the hiders. I had to catch Derek on camera counting cause I think its so stinkin cute. I know I am the only one that finds this cute but hey its my blog and my choice of memories. I couldn't leave this one out. The best part is because he starts counting with the number 18 Olivia is always stressed and worried about finding a spot thinking time is already up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boys will be Boys

I never got to see how boys play growing up. My brother was the only boy and though he did torture us he was gone allot playing sports. So when moms would tell me "you know how boys are" I kinda didn't know. Now that I have two of my own it basically means they wrestle and fight ALL THE TIME. At any given time during the day one of them can simply touch the other one and they will go into full on wrestle mode. It always ends with some one getting hurt but you learn to ignore the crying cause its a never ending day to day sort of thing. I even thought maybe with my boys being so far apart in age it would be more of a big brother loving and showing the little guy how to do things sort of mentor thing. Nope!
Here is a picture of the boys slapping each other with their shirts. The little one got caught in the eye and I played the don't come crying to me card so he ended up finding sun glasses so they could continue to inflict pain on one another for a couple more hours. HATE HATE HATE IT!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Addie turns 7

Its been a fun Birthday for Addie this year. She keeps getting taller and skinnier. She is really doing well at piano and very good at school. She is our smart little diva. Grandma Bassett came out on Sunday and we gave her birthday presents and then all went out to dinner at AppleBees. On Monday she got nirthday cupcakes for her class and went to get manicures and pedicures with a couple of her little friends and sister. They loved it. I can't blame them I love getting pampered too. Have fun being 7 cute girl!

Thanks Aunt net for the horse presents you sent. You know she loved them !!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football 2011

This is game 2 for the season and its not the best year for Dallin so far. Not because he isn't playing well but because of coaching. That's been the hardest part of youth sports. Dallin is playing amazing and doing well. He is limited on what positions he can play and not being developed the way I would like. I don't think we should care as much about winning for young kids as much as we do about developing them in multiple positions. But not every one sees things the same way. I am so over worrying about it. I know what potential Dallin has. I see it and I believe in him. These young teams he is on are just stepping stones and no matter what we will make the best out of the season. I am so proud of him. I have always felt from the day he was born we were blessed with a child that has incredible talent. Its no mistake that my dad is his grandfather and though I feel inadequate to be his mom I will always fight hard for him and NEVER let any one slow him down. That's my promise to you BIG D! You were born for this you have loved it since you were little and you WILL go far.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crazy Boy!

Derek cracks me up. He has gone through some pretty wild stages and its always very embarrassing to take him in public. He began with a NO shoe policy. That still hasn't been fixed. Last year he would wear nothing but his swim trunks every day and I do mean every day. This year I tried to make it better by buying two pair of swim trunks that he can alternate between. Now that he can ride a bike he insisted on buying a helmet. Me being the I could care less kind of mom I have always been didn't feel a need to buy one for his safety. But I gave in when I saw how excited it made him. And now he wont take that thing off. Its so funny cause he even swims and showers with it on. I would soo ooooo take him any day over some nerdy whiny know it all child that started reading early and wears sweater vests. Give em Hell Derek!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Derek's First Day of Preschool

Derek had to wait a week to go to preschool. They figure parents are busy enough getting their other kids to elementary school or middle school ect that they coudl use a week off before they take in the little little guys. But they couldn't be more wrong in my case cause Derek was royally pissed. He put his back pack on and started to walk to preschool one day convinced it was a conspiracy cooked up by his shady mom. I love how I am on the hot seat any time things go south. It was a horrible week and I couldnt do enough to distract him. He finally got to go to class this week and never wanted to go home.