Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crazy Boy!

Derek cracks me up. He has gone through some pretty wild stages and its always very embarrassing to take him in public. He began with a NO shoe policy. That still hasn't been fixed. Last year he would wear nothing but his swim trunks every day and I do mean every day. This year I tried to make it better by buying two pair of swim trunks that he can alternate between. Now that he can ride a bike he insisted on buying a helmet. Me being the I could care less kind of mom I have always been didn't feel a need to buy one for his safety. But I gave in when I saw how excited it made him. And now he wont take that thing off. Its so funny cause he even swims and showers with it on. I would soo ooooo take him any day over some nerdy whiny know it all child that started reading early and wears sweater vests. Give em Hell Derek!!

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