Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summer 2016

BSR Cable Park Summer 2016

I started a new job working the night shift. When I get home at 6:00 am I sleep and sleep till about 2-3pm. Which left Dallin without a ride to football camps this summer. He got up every morning and walked to camp and walked home which added an extra two miles to his already tuff workout. I was so proud of his dedication and commitment that I decided to take him and his two best friends to the fun giant water slide in Waco that shoots you up into the air. They loved it and we went back a month later with aunt Annette and the little kids. I did go on the slide once and it is very much not something you do when you get older but Its more fun watching him have so much fun any ways.

TRACK-Dallin 7th grade

I think everyone in the family thinks Dallin is a decent athlete. But he really blew all of us way. I mean I was shocked he could run that fast!!. Hot damn this kid has potential. It was one of the most exciting thing I have ever watched. I loved the whole track season and was beyond proud of him. Hopefully he will be just as strong this year. If not better

Addi and Basketball

She started obsessing over basketball months before she started playing. Addi was at the same sleepover that the coaches daughter was inited to. He came to pick up his little girl and saw Addi and asked her to be on his team. Its a select basketball team so I was nervous that she wouldnt play as good as the other girls. I warned the coach she never played before and he told me "she is tall I cant teach height, but I can teach her everything she will need to know". And with that we became basketball parents. And they are ever bit as crazy and raging lunatics and the football and baseball parents are. She listened and did exactly what she was told. She learned a lot and became a good little player. She cant wait for next season

10yrs for Olivia

She has only been on the planet 10 yrs. Aunt Net paid for her to get pampered- GEL Mani and Pedi. And. She got to shave her legs for the first time ever. She was rocking a new bikini and rubbing her smooth legs, as she admired her cute pink nails and she turned to me and said "mom I am looking FIERCE right now" Diva's gotta Div. I love how confident she is. She has every reason to be. She is smart and beautiful.

So so Pretty

The girls had a school dance they went to followed by Addi's piano recital the next day. It was a chance for them to actually wear a dress. They almost never wear dresses. They wanted me to curl their hair for the school dance and I have to say it took FOREVER was the most god awful 2 hours of my life. Now that their hair is super long its utter hell using a curling iron. I kept burning my fingers and screaming profanities. But DAYMN they looked so pretty in the end!

Little Scare (surgery)

Dallin had this tiny bump on his forearm that the doctor noted last year in his physical. The following year when he went back for another physical it was much much bigger almost tripled in size. The Doc wouldn't sign off on his physical till we got it looked at by a pediatric surgeon that specializes in cancer. Obviously your heart drops when you hear that word. I couldnt even begin to out into words how scared I was. The specialist said it definitely didnt look good, and need to be taken out right away. They did the surgery and he had to stay away from track practice (physical activity) for 2 weeks which was driving him nuts. We waited on pins and needles for the results to come back that its wasn't malignant. It was a tumor that was benign. Now we just do a check up every 6 months to make sure its not growing back. But we have a healthy happy boy again. My heart really goes out to parents of kids with cancer. Our little scare was nothing compared to what they go through but it gave me a taste of the kind of fear they must live daily and I think it is the kind of hardship no ONE should ever have to endure. Its one thing to be sick yourself. Its whole other kind of hell watching your kid be sick. All that being said as you can tell from the picture Dallin was very upbeat and had a great sense of humor about the whole thing.