Saturday, September 10, 2016

Playing Catch Up

I havn't posted in a while. I know most every one is done blogging, but my kids love to look back at old photos and stories. So I am going to keep it up. Or at least try to. (anyways) While we were on the cruise Andrew changed the upstairs loft area into a bedroom for Olivia. So all the kids have their own rooms now. I will post before and after pics later. I got a new job working at one of the busiest hospitals in the US. I work in the ER and I love how crazy it gets. It makes the time fly. We are a level one trauma center so we see some pretty horrific stuff. I do administrative work with insurance and if a patient is helicoptered in we try to figure out who they are asap to call family. I still teach at the gym. In fact I just trained in a new format called UJAM and I am super excited to launch it at 24 hour fitness in March. Dallin and all the kids are growing like weeds. Even my girls have the same size shoes as me now. Dallin had a pretty epic track season and won the MVP award he was so fast. Andrew was promoted to partner at WEAVER and moved to a really nice three story apartment close to downtown Austin. He decided the partner path isn't for him so he is looking for CFO roles right now. We co parent really well together. The kids like having him take care of them while I am at work. He is really good at home work and making spaghetti. I am more the reckless parent that does the crazy stuff with them. We had a blast this summer swimming and Pokemon Go hunting. I really hope they have as many fond memories as I had in 2016

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