Monday, July 21, 2008

Fresh Start

I love back to school time. I am so excited and its not like I have older kids that care about back to school clothes or anything but I still do it all. My sister insists that no one wear hand me downs or try to get worn out faded clothes to last longer than necessary. So she sends money for their school clothes to make sure even their socks and underwear are crisp and smell brand new.
Addie cut her hair a while ago and you couldnt see the cut parts until I would try to pull her hair up and style it then little bits of hair were sticking straight out on the sides. So she got a new hair cut and then Olivia and I followed. Its nice for the rest of the summer and its a cute style for back to school.
Addie might test up into the 4 year old program and be going to school full time.
Thanks Annette for hooking them up.
They were all so excited to get new clothes.
I need to add pics of Dallin but he has refused to shower for 4 days now thinking swimming counts and he has major dry skin.
(I might have to go into crazy screaming mom mode to get him to do even a basic scrub tonight)
Its been different this year. Last year I chose everything but Dallin hated polo shirts and jeans or what we call "handsome clothes". He likes sports clothes. So we hit the Nike outlet added a pair of khakis and a couple pair of shoes. Addie was hard because she only likes pink but most of the stuff she was choosing had Disney crap on it or Dora and I had to remind her we are not Mexican nor do we know enough people who live in trailer homes to warrent any Hanna Montana crap. We came to a compromise. Olivia isnt even aware clothes are to be worn longer than 30 min. Easy enough on her.

Olivia got stuff too.

I tried to take pictures of Olivia but she wasn't acting normal so what you see is what you get. She got some school clothes too because she might go to preschool at 2 years old for her hearing problems. She will be fine in the end but they start them off early so they catch up and fix any delays she would have due to being deaf. Its my option so we will see how it fits into my schedule.
But Aunt Net sent her money just the same.
She got her hair trimmed and her bangs evened out. (I tried to do them on my own)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Red Light Green Light

Andrew came home. The kids must have been bursting at the seems cause they begged him to play games. I never play with them cause I know once you do anything you have to do it 101 times over and over again. Plus its like preforming brain surgery to get them to follow the rules. I set up play dates with their friends and then fold laundry and I can look you square in the eyes and not feel guilty about that. Andrew tends to feel a need to be Barny the giant happy wad of fun. Good for him.! Its was so cute though. They were all playing red light green light. They would turn around for green and then face the runners for red light. Its so nice to see that we have two kids that are starting to play by the rules. It makes it so much more fun. Just a year ago I was looking around for a place to hang myself while playing candy land with them. Olivia would knock all the players off the board so no one new where they were. Dallin would look through the cards for the best one before he drew from the deck. Addie would go on a rampage when some one got the card she wanted and storm off crying to her room. All while Andrew would make suggestions about how I should perk up and smile to help them have a good time. Again this is why they know not to ask me to play games. I would rather take a whole jar of sleeping pills.

Derek is playing in his own way

He gets so excited when he sees his brother and sisters playing. All I do is put him in the general vicinity and he thinks he is playing too. In a way he had just as much fun as them.

Olivia is it

Its now Olivia's turn. She tries to do pretty much what she saw the older kids do. But when they get to her to tag her so they can be it she runs at them and pushes them in anger. Now we just need her to apply the same concept when she is grown up and wants a pay raise. Its moments like these that I know I am doing a good job.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seriously so Blessed

I looooove this blog. Its hysterical to me cause I know so many people who have blogs with almost all of the things they make fun of on here.
My favorite is the part where they show what book they are reading. And naturally its twilight. Cause any one who is female and mormon is so original they can't help but read what every other female mormon is reading and pretend they like it so much that they cant sleep or take care of their children cause its so good. If I spend a week reading a book obsessively then I can forget that people in other parts of the world are dieing and being raped and molested and have to struggle to eat. I will just stay right here in my little spot and set a good example for my kids of how to waste away like a cow grazing in a pasture. Then when I am all done I will take it to an even more superficial shallow level by blogging about it.
Any way you should check it out. The blog not Twilight. Its pretty funny.
Its kind of like those Christmas cards where people write about how smart all of there kids are and how wonderful life is in their precious little home.

(this excludes Heidie and my other friends from book club cause they read twilight way before it was even popular)

4th of July

Nothing major. My dad is very patriotic and we did soooo much on the 4th as a kid. To me this year was very mellow. We hung out all day and then headed down to the local fireworks at 5 p.m.
I will say that just sitting on blankets watching the kind of people that come out to those events is very entertaining. I was so worried to use the portable out houses though I know that its infested with STDs. The kids ate, we played in the water area and then waited for the fireworks. Of course we bought the expensive light up toys, but hey if the ghetto kids get them why shouldn't mine. Then we watched the fireworks. I can't tell if it was fun or just average for them (they didnt say much). I feel like kids these days have to go to Disneyland and buy everything in their sights or its just not enough.
It was better than nothing. I need to plan better next year.
My favorite is the picture of Addie and Olivia ducking down to keep from getting hit by the fireworks. They are such drama queens.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be Normal

I am trying to find my camera to see if I have some pics to blog about the 4th but I need to keep looking so I will get back to you.
Todays Be Normal topic is Punctuality
Ok here goes.....
Be punctual.! If anything try to be 5-10 min early. I grew up in a home where being on time was top priority. Any time you are late to something its like spitting in some one’s face. Its very inconsiderate. I have four kids now and its often hard to rush out the door and be early. So I know its not always bad intentions when some one is late. But if you find that it has happened to you more often than not you need to give yourself an extra 30 min on top of how much time you already alloted. If you are anywhere from 30 min to and hour late well then you should be put in jail. Where you share a 6ftx10ft cell with 10 other people and you have to decide to hold your pee and risk a bladder infection or go on the community toilet in front of every one (with some possible transvestites watching). Cause your that big of a jackass. I kid you not.
If your divorced, have a problem child, can’t get a promotion at work or any other slew of lives setbacks and can’t figure out why. Think of the last time you were late to something and there is your answer. Your basically so selfish that anything you say comes across as arrogant and egotistical. Once you realize that your time is never more important than any one else's you will see how self serving you were. It really is that simple. Grow up. As a professional its almost impossible to be successful and not be punctual.
The military could not function if this was not essential to every part of their day. Think about how many lives are at stake if they make one error and consider that the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Yet you can justify being late? Who do you think you are?
One time we had invited my sister in law over for dinner in my home and she was nearly a full two hours late. After and hour I decided to feed my family and put away the food in the fridge. Not one phone call mind you. She shows up and has the nerve to make a face and comment that we ate without her. At this point why don't you just take a dump on my front doorstep. "well cause I am not a pig". O really? could have fooled me.

Thursday, July 3, 2008