Friday, July 11, 2008

Red Light Green Light

Andrew came home. The kids must have been bursting at the seems cause they begged him to play games. I never play with them cause I know once you do anything you have to do it 101 times over and over again. Plus its like preforming brain surgery to get them to follow the rules. I set up play dates with their friends and then fold laundry and I can look you square in the eyes and not feel guilty about that. Andrew tends to feel a need to be Barny the giant happy wad of fun. Good for him.! Its was so cute though. They were all playing red light green light. They would turn around for green and then face the runners for red light. Its so nice to see that we have two kids that are starting to play by the rules. It makes it so much more fun. Just a year ago I was looking around for a place to hang myself while playing candy land with them. Olivia would knock all the players off the board so no one new where they were. Dallin would look through the cards for the best one before he drew from the deck. Addie would go on a rampage when some one got the card she wanted and storm off crying to her room. All while Andrew would make suggestions about how I should perk up and smile to help them have a good time. Again this is why they know not to ask me to play games. I would rather take a whole jar of sleeping pills.

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