Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seriously so Blessed

I looooove this blog. Its hysterical to me cause I know so many people who have blogs with almost all of the things they make fun of on here.
My favorite is the part where they show what book they are reading. And naturally its twilight. Cause any one who is female and mormon is so original they can't help but read what every other female mormon is reading and pretend they like it so much that they cant sleep or take care of their children cause its so good. If I spend a week reading a book obsessively then I can forget that people in other parts of the world are dieing and being raped and molested and have to struggle to eat. I will just stay right here in my little spot and set a good example for my kids of how to waste away like a cow grazing in a pasture. Then when I am all done I will take it to an even more superficial shallow level by blogging about it.
Any way you should check it out. The blog not Twilight. Its pretty funny.
Its kind of like those Christmas cards where people write about how smart all of there kids are and how wonderful life is in their precious little home.

(this excludes Heidie and my other friends from book club cause they read twilight way before it was even popular)

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Shawn said...

Cute, my sister-in-law found this blog too. I think it's so funny!