Monday, July 21, 2008

Fresh Start

I love back to school time. I am so excited and its not like I have older kids that care about back to school clothes or anything but I still do it all. My sister insists that no one wear hand me downs or try to get worn out faded clothes to last longer than necessary. So she sends money for their school clothes to make sure even their socks and underwear are crisp and smell brand new.
Addie cut her hair a while ago and you couldnt see the cut parts until I would try to pull her hair up and style it then little bits of hair were sticking straight out on the sides. So she got a new hair cut and then Olivia and I followed. Its nice for the rest of the summer and its a cute style for back to school.
Addie might test up into the 4 year old program and be going to school full time.
Thanks Annette for hooking them up.
They were all so excited to get new clothes.
I need to add pics of Dallin but he has refused to shower for 4 days now thinking swimming counts and he has major dry skin.
(I might have to go into crazy screaming mom mode to get him to do even a basic scrub tonight)
Its been different this year. Last year I chose everything but Dallin hated polo shirts and jeans or what we call "handsome clothes". He likes sports clothes. So we hit the Nike outlet added a pair of khakis and a couple pair of shoes. Addie was hard because she only likes pink but most of the stuff she was choosing had Disney crap on it or Dora and I had to remind her we are not Mexican nor do we know enough people who live in trailer homes to warrent any Hanna Montana crap. We came to a compromise. Olivia isnt even aware clothes are to be worn longer than 30 min. Easy enough on her.


Shawn said...

I happen to love disney clothes and Hanna Montana, so you can count me in for one of your "White Trash" friends.

Andrew and Camille Weeks said...

How do you know I didnt already?
I just said I dont have enough to warrent buying the clothes.

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

Addie looks so cute! I am a slacker Mom- no school shopping for us. I guess that's because Alayna isn't in school- again, slacker Mom.

Jed & Rachel said...


When the Big D gets to a month without a shower, then we can talk. 4 days when you're 6 and don't have body hair yet is nothing. Put some lotion on him and give him a big hug from Uncle Jed.