Sunday, October 5, 2014

40! Andrew is 40!

He still has not had a mid life crisis. I am guessing accountants don't do that sort of thing cause it usually involves frivolous spending. He has been working out more. He had a little bit of a belly ..but with his high metabolism he just has to eat a carrot and do a few biceps curls and he is back to normal. I hate this about him. He works for a smaller accounting firm now called Weaver. We both decided it would be better than staying with the big 4 and having to move around. I moved a lot as a kid and it was the worst. Especially in high school. Dallin will get to have his grandpa coach him and get the kind of perks he needs to possibly play football in college. He likes parts of his new job and doesn't like other parts. I know he made the sacrifice to take the new job for our kids well being. Over all me and the kids are so thankful for all the hard work he does to provide for us. We have a wonderful life because of him. My job mainly covers my shoe obsession and my Starbucks addiction. He provides everything else. I really feel lucky that he has a college education and has afforded us so many luxury s. He doesn't go hunting or golfing or have expensive hobbies. Here is to a happy healthy life Andrew! Thanks for all that you give for all of us every day. We went to Mighty Fine Burgers. The kids loved climbing the light post to see who could place their sticker higher. After that bowling and yummy Lemon cake.

A boy and his watermelon

Derek saw a pic of a watermelon on a shelf at the home depot. He loves watermelon. Like more than life. He asked and I told him it was a watermelon plant. He begged for me to buy it. It was one stem and one leaf. Super small. It looked like it was already dying. It was only $1. So I said sure and never gave it a second thought. He went out with his dad and planted it. Life gets hectic and busy. I remember thinking I should probably go check on the back yard, I had not been back there for three months. Maybe pull a few weeds. I looked over and was shocked that a watermelon had grown. He was watching and loving it all this time. He is so happy and so patient. I am not surprised at all that he got what he wanted. I usually kill anything I try to plant in the garden. Its like my impatience seeps out of me into the soil and spoils everything. Andrew picked it yesterday and it was delicious. Way to go Derek! Our little happy guy. He loves everything and everyone and everything and everyone love him right back. Even plants.

Addi turns 10

Yes ADDi she decided this year that she wants to drop the "e" off the end of her name cause she is a tom boy. Her tom boy stage has really gotten worse. I thought it was almost over but I found myself back to school shopping in the boys section with her. She also wanted a basketball and a basketball hoop for her bedroom door. I have actually done really well at coping with this. Right before summer I gave up on trying to have their rooms look like they should be in a design magazine and let them buy posters and pic out whatever bedding they want. This drastically reduced the ugly looks I usually get from Addi every morning. She is still very smart, independent, strong willed. These things will never change. She is obsessive over Elsa. I mean just go follow her on instagram. She wants to be Elsa for Halloween and finding the costume has been a nightmare. I think she is a lot like Elsa. She is mean to her sister. lol. Fact. And she doesn't see the need for prince charmings...etc. Happy 10th Birthday Mrs. AddI. For her birthday Annette picked up Peyton in OK and flew down to help us celebrate. It made her feel extra special.

Dallin turns 12

Its that age where you don't know what to get them. So we went with money and he loves money so he was happy. We gave him $$ in a bank account and debit card. His aunt Annette made him a money cake. He also got some cool clothes which is really important going into junior high. He has gotten so tall he is now 5ft 6 inches which is taller than me and 130 lbs which is also heavier than me (lol j/k). He has been trying out some quarter back moves with his trainer and runs one of the fastest miles in school. He was too big to play Pop Warner this year and the middle school does not have a 6th grade team, so no football this year. I am super depressed about it.. but I also think he needs a break from all the pressure. He is mowing the lawn for us every Wednesday earning his own money. He has tons of friends and is a very happy kid. I always tear up when I talk about him cause he is my best friend. We seriously joke around all day and laugh at each other. He is very very funny. I love that he has an adult sense of humor. I am beyond upset that he is growing so fast but also so excited about his future. I really do think he is special and we will see more of his talent very soon.

Summer 2014

We had a really fun summer. I loved spending more time with the kids. It was hot but fun. My favorite thing was when we made a fairy garden. I have another one started cause they are so cute. I am glad the cool weather is blowing in now. But this summer was so much fun.

Texas swimming holes

I wanted to get out and do more than just the local pools this summer. So we went to a couple of swimming holes. I promise you the pics don't capture how gorgeous Texas is. I felt like I was in a fairy tale with the crystal blue water and the massive trees. It was so much fun. My favorite was Wimberly. I have to go back there next year for sure and go to some new ones.