Sunday, October 5, 2014

A boy and his watermelon

Derek saw a pic of a watermelon on a shelf at the home depot. He loves watermelon. Like more than life. He asked and I told him it was a watermelon plant. He begged for me to buy it. It was one stem and one leaf. Super small. It looked like it was already dying. It was only $1. So I said sure and never gave it a second thought. He went out with his dad and planted it. Life gets hectic and busy. I remember thinking I should probably go check on the back yard, I had not been back there for three months. Maybe pull a few weeds. I looked over and was shocked that a watermelon had grown. He was watching and loving it all this time. He is so happy and so patient. I am not surprised at all that he got what he wanted. I usually kill anything I try to plant in the garden. Its like my impatience seeps out of me into the soil and spoils everything. Andrew picked it yesterday and it was delicious. Way to go Derek! Our little happy guy. He loves everything and everyone and everything and everyone love him right back. Even plants.

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