Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dallin turns 12

Its that age where you don't know what to get them. So we went with money and he loves money so he was happy. We gave him $$ in a bank account and debit card. His aunt Annette made him a money cake. He also got some cool clothes which is really important going into junior high. He has gotten so tall he is now 5ft 6 inches which is taller than me and 130 lbs which is also heavier than me (lol j/k). He has been trying out some quarter back moves with his trainer and runs one of the fastest miles in school. He was too big to play Pop Warner this year and the middle school does not have a 6th grade team, so no football this year. I am super depressed about it.. but I also think he needs a break from all the pressure. He is mowing the lawn for us every Wednesday earning his own money. He has tons of friends and is a very happy kid. I always tear up when I talk about him cause he is my best friend. We seriously joke around all day and laugh at each other. He is very very funny. I love that he has an adult sense of humor. I am beyond upset that he is growing so fast but also so excited about his future. I really do think he is special and we will see more of his talent very soon.

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