Sunday, October 5, 2014

40! Andrew is 40!

He still has not had a mid life crisis. I am guessing accountants don't do that sort of thing cause it usually involves frivolous spending. He has been working out more. He had a little bit of a belly ..but with his high metabolism he just has to eat a carrot and do a few biceps curls and he is back to normal. I hate this about him. He works for a smaller accounting firm now called Weaver. We both decided it would be better than staying with the big 4 and having to move around. I moved a lot as a kid and it was the worst. Especially in high school. Dallin will get to have his grandpa coach him and get the kind of perks he needs to possibly play football in college. He likes parts of his new job and doesn't like other parts. I know he made the sacrifice to take the new job for our kids well being. Over all me and the kids are so thankful for all the hard work he does to provide for us. We have a wonderful life because of him. My job mainly covers my shoe obsession and my Starbucks addiction. He provides everything else. I really feel lucky that he has a college education and has afforded us so many luxury s. He doesn't go hunting or golfing or have expensive hobbies. Here is to a happy healthy life Andrew! Thanks for all that you give for all of us every day. We went to Mighty Fine Burgers. The kids loved climbing the light post to see who could place their sticker higher. After that bowling and yummy Lemon cake.

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