Monday, November 3, 2014

Lego Love

I hate hate hate hate hate HAAAAATTTTEE!! Legos. Seriously, they are all over my house they are never organized. One year we bought those rubbermade drawers and sorted all 52 Billion legos by color. One week later all the hours spent sorting were thrown down the drain. I hate Legos SO SO much!! When you buy the $100 lego set complete with instructions your kid builds it ONCE and then NEVER builds it again. So that means an additional 200 more Legos for you to step on on your way to the bathroom, half asleep, in the middle of the night. Its the worst! I scream and yell and throw fits to get the boys to pick them up. Worst thing that could happen is a few years ago they started making them for girls! God is trying to tell me he does not like me more and Karma is over in the corner laughing like "I gotcha back bitch". Cause all my kids love Legos. One day.... a cute adorable Red headed little boy with the sweetest of hearts and the big front teeth, came up to his mom and said "I made this for you cause I love you most in the whole world" and then he handed me a Lego heart he made. How could I possibly hate Legos after that? I will keep this heart forever! I love legos. The end!

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