Saturday, November 8, 2014

Addie's loves Horses

Her obsession with horses never really went away. She is old enough now that it was time to see her dreams come true. Well half of her dreams (we don't actually have a horse in our back yard) but she gets to ride horses every week. We found a ranch that will teach her how to care for and ride horses. I thought our little princess would scoff at the thought of cleaning and grooming horses but she actually loved it. She is learning how to tell the horse what she wants it to do without saying anything. Naturally she took to the horse and it took to her and she was so beautiful up there riding it I shed a few tears of happiness for her (under sunglasses. I cant let people see my softer side). She is looking into horse camps for the summer. I think once a week isn't enough she wants to see a horse every day. But it will have to do for now. And its better than nothing. We are so lucky to have such a unique child come to our family.


Lornajoy Weeks said...

I just found your blog!
Did Addie and Jade talk horses while they were there earlier this year?
Tell her that Poppa and Uncle Jared went 10 days in the mountains of Wyoming on horseback this fall. A couple of days it was more like a rodeo :)
Poppa Weeks

Camille Bassett Weeks said...

Yes Addie and Jade talked horses and also taught each other songs on the piano. They have a lot of similar interests. I remember riding one of Jared's horses once and it did feel more like a rodeo. Ha ha ha. I will tell her :)