Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Part 2

Dallin is getting older and wanted to throw a party with his friends this year. We agreed and some how Addie had to add her friends into the mix. They went trick or treating and my mom came up to hand out candy at the front door. We played really fun games. The kids loved murder in the dark (except one) and begged to play again over and over. I have to admit I can rock a party if I put a little planning into it. You should ask my sister Annette about the parties I don't plan out very well.. Any ways It was truly a fun time. I have video of the jello rat eating contest up on our youtube account I will post a link at the bottom. In the rush I didn't get a pic of Derek in his costume. The little Devil ran off with his friends too quickly. Olivia went to her friend Ashley's house for most of the night. We missed our kids but its better that they have fun with their friends than we insist they stay with us.

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