Saturday, November 8, 2014

Derek's Birthday

The day after Halloween. Poor guy, no matter how hard I try his birthday always seems to be shadowed by Halloween. Especially this year after the big party for Dallin. We went rock climbing and once Derek got about half way up the rock climbing wall and started to cry, we realized he is afraid of heights. Not the best birthday party idea for that fear. But it ended up being super positive because we kept pushing him to get to the top. He went up several times and asked to go back down when the fear became too much. He finally over came his fear and reached the top earning himself a Lego set. He was so proud of himself!! We were all so proud of him too. The next day we made a rainbow birthday cake and Dallin made his name with Legos as a cake topper. Derek fixed the K and then blew out the candle. He is still the sweetest little boy. Not sure if he will grow out of it but every one loves him. And every one comments on his red hair. Dallin admits to picking up on girls that think his little bro is cute. Its so funny.

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