Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I call it Glamping cause we got high miantenance at night and couldn't handle the heat so we packed up and headed home. But the rest of the day was a blast. Hopefully pictures are worth a thousand words as they say cause I am too tired to write out a full essay on this trip. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers Day gifts

I got so many cute little crafts and poems this mothers day I really couldn't fit them all on here. I decided to show just a few. They are not necessarily my favorites. Cause you can't do favorites when it comes to kids or you will have a huge therapy bill the rest of your life. But I love the stuff they make. Its my favorite part of mothers day.
" I love my mom because she is a wrestler. Well my mom she had to fight some ones dad" Olivia

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just to clarify I still hate "crafty" people. Not all of them. Truth be told if I like you then I am ok with you doing anything really. But if I hate you I will pull apart and break down everything you do to make it seem simple and lame so I feel better about hating you.. At the end of the day just try to stay on my good side folks. Hey at least I can admit it right? Any way back to crafty people. I hate them (except for the ones that are my friends) and I will do anything to stifle my creative juices and keep myself from being artistic just to stay far far away from being anything like them. The problem is I recently lost my phone and have not been able to find it for 4-5 days now and I am freaking out cause I have yelled and yelled at Andrew for any rediculous expense he costs us so now if I have to buy a new phone my game plan is ruined. But I digress. My point is without my phone I can't spend the countless hours looking at e-mails,facebook, and pinterest, that I normally used to spend surfing the web on it. The kids usually come home and take the laptop and I-pad so I got bored without the outlet of my phone. Reading a book makes me fall asleep. I got bored...Like I have never been bored before. I decided to take on a "project" (that word makes it feel more like home improvement than crafting). But again, it couldnt cost allot cause I am hell bent on Andrew being the expensive one here so.... I found a $25 dresser on craigslist and picked it up. I had to reinforce the bottom and sides to make it stronger and then I painted it and decided to use it as an entry table. I can keep the kids crayons and school stuff in there. I used old random accessories that I had lying around to stage it and BAM!! Camille got crafty for a half second....which is not nearly long enough to put me in the same category as those scrapbooking bitches right?

Piano Recital May 2012

Addie had another recital. She skipped the one in December cause we were just getting back from our cruise and I was too tired to go. In reality you sit for hours to listen to a hundred other kids you don't care about play just so you can here the one kid you do care about play the song you have already heard her play and practice at home 100 times. soooo....(sometimes I wish I were more optomistic about all these mundane things that happen in society that other people go crazy over). I think the experience of preforming in front of other offers are different dynamic than our home living room so I want her to go to these recitals at least a few times. Just not every time. The odd thing about my child is she memorized her music and refused to bring her book. All the other kids even the older ones didn't do this but Addie is a different bread of nut so we roll with whatever she sends our way.