Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Adelaide

Adelaide is 5. No I dont get all sentimental and say things like they grow up so fast. Its a part of life that can not be changed and so I tend to focus more on being in the moment and look forward to getting to see her become who she wants to be. I think she is a very pretty very smart girl with loads of potential. She has never been and will never be a push over or let others heap their shortcomings on her shoulders. That includes ME unfortunately! She is the best and has made me change the most which makes her more valuable to me than you can imagine.

The whole FamDamly

My whole family minus my dad came to Dallin's game this Sat. He was excited but nervous. We made a good cheering section. As we always have. My mom had a few small town crazy weird cheers. But Becka would intervene and give her bear hugs to keep it from including arm movements. Afterwards we all went out to Chucky Cheese for Miss Addie's Birthday.

High fives from his cousin Nolan. Uncle Jed was pretty good at football in his hay day. Dallin was so nervous about impressing him that we had to give him Nyquil to go to sleep last night. It comes full circle when you realize Nolan and Derek will eventually look up to Dallin.

Dallin listening to the coach after the game.

dad giving big D a hug. Aww how sweet. He did a great job. Plus Andrew wanted to play football so bad himself as a kid he feels that if he plays Madden on x box and squeezes Dallin really hard after a game the football experience will transport into him.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dance Bags

Any one who knows me knows I am kind of picky with what I will allow my kids to use or wear. I would love to think other people try to avoid these things as well cause almost everything I ban I have a very good reason for buuutt.... this is not always the case. My mom put herself in charge of dance bags this year. I saw some but they were really big and were for girls who are older and pack clothes and other things. But the little purses I bought last year were too small. So I needed something that would fit their tap and ballet shoes and not weigh more than them. To my surprise. And trust me I was worried about what the outcome would be. She came through with some cute bags. Addie's is cowgirl themed and Olivia's has a little kitty. I couldnt be happier and they love them. So good job Grandma. Keep up the hard work and I just might let you pick their Christmas dresses.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The girl started preschool today! It was very hard this year to find one. The one they ended up going to is ran by a Methodist church. I found out about it from my visiting teacher. It costs an arm and a leg. And for us that times two but I think they will grow and develop more with this program then they would with me at home. I do not do happy crafts with glue or flash cards. Its just not that much fun. But these ladies seem to like it so I will write the check and sign up for snacks. I am happy for them and I know it will be a blast. There supply list included water colors. Tell me you dont wish you were in their shoes.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cowgirl Boots

Addie the horse loving cowgirl got some boots from grandma and grandpa for her birthday. If you have ever looked into buying them they are NOT cheep. Lucky girl has grandparents that love her enough to buy them. She also got a shirt and skirt to add to her look. She is ready to ride. She keeps reminding us that all we need to do now is buy a horse. Why couldn't she come to earth loving a smaller animal that poops turds not mounds.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Hair

I miss Lynsee soooo much. Since I moved here I have had my hair done twice. I went to a very nice salon and payed $130 for highlites and a cut. I didnt have much to complain about how it looked in the end but it took the lady 5 HOURS! She was trying to do other clients at the same time as me. I have seen this done before in salons. They can cut some ones hair while your waiting for your color to set. But this was nuts. My kids were at home with grandma who can only handle there high energy for so long. She fell asleep and she cant be woken up too easy. My older two admitted to having a meeting about how they will take turns taking care of the little ones and who will make the meals. They thought I was never coming back. I hated being in the salon that long I read every magazine twice. So this time around I did my own thing from a box. Yuck! When you move to a new area it can take a long time to find the right fit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just Do It

Everyone has seen the Nike slogans that say it like it is and don't mince words. In other states they don't sale as much cause most people think "If i buy that then everyone will expect me to be hardcore or something." Here in Texas they sale like hot cakes cause we think "Hell ya finally something that validates what I have been saying all along". I dare you to wear one!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Call the Fashion Police!

This is an official press release. I want to let every one know I do not dress Addie! She picks out her clothes now by herself. I think its important for kids to feel confident and have high self esteem. I went through a year of school where for some reason my mom thought I was a sailor. I wore everything in the white,navy, and red clothing group imaginable complete with crisp white keds. I hated it and even if it was cute back then I didnt feel happy and couldn't be myself. I cant go to school with them and make the other kids be their friend. But if I can buy them clothes that they like and feel like they are their best selves in at take away one more stress for them. Then I will. I just need to know that you know that I know that its getting a little crazy and I cant be associated with her fashion sense any more. Your on your own Addie but Work It! Mom still loves you..... (Just try and walk a few feet behind me at the grocery store)

Little D

Living in a culd-a-sac means the kids love to go outside and ride their many mobile things around.(i seriously need to get rid of half our bikes/cars/scooters) Little D is the biggest fan. If we get home from the store you have to pick him up and take him inside or he will be on a bike and off to the races before you know it. It sucks for me though cause he NEVER wants to come back in. Lets just say I have a lawn chair permanently stationed on our drive way so I can relax while he rides. I have seriously contemplated wearing a swim suit and at least getting a tan while I am out there.

The End

After what seems like forever I become the mean mom and make him come inside. He is always tanked and feeling like he never gets to have as much fun as he would like. But as you can see he some how lost his shorts and a shoe. Its time to retire till after lunch. Poor kid. What a crap mom he got.